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“Confrontations with Ukraine” re continuing the programme initiated in 2011 – the programme of presentations of drama artists associated with Lublin at the centres in Cental and Eastern Europe. This year the programme will include centres of independent performative traineeship of Kiev (Centre of name Łeś Kurbas), Kharkiv (Arabesky Theatre) and Zaporoże (Theatre of the Laboratory “Vie”) and at a later date in Lvov (Theatre of name ŁeśKurbas). Shows of performances will be accompanying by workshops and presentations of artistic techniques.

A meeting of artists associated with Lublin with artistic circles from visited theatre and drama centres is an essential aspect of the project. Shows of performances are supposed to be a pretext for starting conversations about available shared plans in upcoimng seasons. Project “Confrontations with Ukraine” is a stage of the long-term schedule of the Festival “Konfrontacje Teatralbe” as the bridge between the theatre of the West and East.

In the programme Lublin Dance Theatre will present its three performances: NN.Tribute to Vaclav Nijinsky, Fatal error and 48/4.


NN. Tribute to Vaclav Nijinsky

12-th of September at. 5.00 p.m., Kiev
15-th of September, at. 8.00 p.m. Kharkiv
19-th of September, at. 7 p.m. Zaporoże

Fatal Error
14-th of September, at 8.00 p.m. Kharkiv

16-th of September, at. 8.00 p.m. Kharkiv

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