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The 20th International Dance Theatres Festival will conclude with a triple ballet bill performed by the Polish National Ballet on Sunday, 4 December (6 pm). The festival has been organised by the Lublin Dance Theatre, the Centre for Culture in Lublin, and the Centre for the Meeting of Cultures. The programme will feature three presentations: Chopiniana (chor. Michaił Fokin), Bolero and Moving Rooms (chor. Krzysztof Pastor). The event will mark the Polish National Ballet?s first visit to Lublin. Poland?s leading ballet company, led by Krzysztof Pastor, the Polish National Ballet is affiliated with the Polish National Opera in Warsaw. The Lublin presentation will include three one-act pieces reflecting the company?s wide programmatic interests, which range from the classics through the avant-garde. The shows will be hosted by the Centre for the Meeting of Cultures in Lublin (pl. Teatralny 1).


The Lublin presentation will begin with Chopiniana ? a neo-Romantic piece by the famous Russian choreographer Mikhail Fokin, accompanied by Fryderyk Chopin?s music. A beautiful ballet, Chopiniana captivates with its stylish dance and poetic atmosphere. Written for the St. Petersburg stage in 1908, the piece has been a staple in the repertoires around the globes and became an integral part of the classical ballet canon.


The second piece on the bill will be an original choreography of Maurice Ravel?s Bolero created by Krzysztof Pastor for the Dutch National Ballet. Following its successful Amsterdam premiere, Pastor renewed the work with the Vilnius and Riga ballets, and premiered it in Warsaw in late November 2016.

The evening will conclude with another ballet choreographed by Krzysztof Pastor ? Moving Rooms to the music of Alfred Schittke and Henryk Mikołaj Górecki. The piece had its world premiere in Amsterdam, and was later included in the Polish National Ballet?s repertoire ? the company has taken it to New York and Washington, among others. An entrancing ballet, Moving Rooms is full of subtle eroticism and youthful energy emanated by the young company; it is commonly listed as one of Pastor?s and PNB?s major successes.


Choreography: Michaił Fokin

Realisation: Alexei Fadeyechev

Music: Fryderyk Chopin transcribed by Alexander Glazunov and Maurice Keller

Stage design: Andrzej Kreutz Majewski

Costumes: Tijana Jovanović according to tradition

Lighting design: Stanisław Zięba



Choreography: Krzysztof Pastor  

Music: Maurice Ravel  

Stage design: Tatyana van Walsum

Lighting design: Bert Dalhuysen 


Moving Rooms
Choreography: Krzysztof Pastor
Music: Alfred Schnittke ? Concerto grosso I
(Cadenza – Rondo – Postludio),
Henryk Mikołaj Górecki ? Concerto for harpsichord and string orchestra op. 40
Costumes: Oliver Haller
Lighting design: Bert Dalhuysen

Event partner: Lublin Dance Theatre

More on the event and individual choreographies at:

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