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Another artistic residency of “maat festival – border line 2013”, a year-long platform for solo dancers, has just set off. From 12 to 23 July the festival will host Rafał Urbacki,director and dancer of the young generation, focusing in his work on exclusion, alienation, crossing borders. One of the topics Urbacki will tackle while working in Lublin will be homelessness.

This is how he describes his project:

#bezdomność [#homelessness]


#zakochanykundel [#mongrelinlove]

#politykasocjalna [#socialpolicy]

As part of her residency, on21 July (5 pm),Rafał Urbacki will run another open dance lesson in the “maat festival” series. This time the lesson is dedicated to the LGBT and QUEER community in Lublin. PLEASE NOTE: To register to participate and get more information, please send an e-mail

Commenting about the project, Urbacki says: “Lublin – a city of hidden identities, the last place in Poland where homosexuality was medically treated. A climate like this does not make it easy to respect diversity, and every kind of otherness is stigmatised. In 2010 the last equality parade was held in Lublin, and since then the issue of LGBT has been excluded from public discourse. Can dance initiate a social change? Switch off stereotypical thinking? My lesson will be a lesson of movement – a lesson of equality. For beginners and advanced participants. I would like to dedicate this lesson to the residents of Lublin and to use body movement to discuss LGBT and queer issues. Instead of medical treatments and stigmatisation – a short coaching session on body identity. A dance lesson instead of a parade. Everybody is invited.”

On22 July (5 pm)the festival’s curator, Tomasz Bazan will host a meeting with Rafał Urbacki at Lublin’s cafe KAP KAP CAFFE (ul. Narutowicza 33). The discussion will revolve around dance, body, what dance is and what it is not, and the condition of Polish contemporary dance. The meeting will be recorded by Patrycja Płanik – her “maat festival – border line 2013” documentary presenting all residencies will be shown in December 2013.

maat festival – border line 2013
Idea/conception: Tomasz Bazan (programme’s curator)
Multimedia/video: Patrycja Płanik
Production: Ksenia Duńska
Technical support: Maciej Połynko, Karol Rębisz
Cooperation: Barbara Szymańska, Małgorzata Drozd, Maciej Rukasz, Dominika Płanik, Matylda Chmielewska

Tomasz Bazan’s programme Maat Festival is financed by the Culture Centre in Lublin and the Maat Projekt Theatre.

Partners: Lublin Town Hall/ Culture Centre in Lublin / Maat Projekt Theatre
Honorary patrons of “maat festival”: Mayor of Lublin and Marshall of the Lublin Province
Media patrons:,
Supported by: CAFFE SPÓŁDZIELNIA Lublin, Hotel VICTORIA Lublin, CAFFE KAWKA Lublin, CAFFE KAP KAP Lublin

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