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Małgorzata Mielech will present her piece Anonymous at the InShadow Festival in Lisbon on 29 November 2014. The multidimensional piece fuses street art, dance, live electronic music, and mapping.The festival showcases the most interesting independent artists dealing with performance art, video art and new technologies.


Anonymous: Urban art balances between art and vandalism. It?s an unfettered statement, in which the anonymous creators can express themselves without caring about commercial trends or being politically correct. Anonymous expresses a gentle fusion between the real and surreal, between the quotidian and the ethereal, and merges these dual realities into one. This kind of creation, as with street art, can never be finished or defined.




InShadow ? International Festival of Video, Performance and Technologies is an initiative of Vo’Arte, in co-production with S?o Luiz Teatro Municipal, which has already established itself as a reference in contemporary artistic creation and programming, with emphasis on the convergence of language between body and image, based on technology.

InShadow explores interdisciplinary atmospheres through aesthetic solutions and technical representation of body on screen, on stage and in other platforms. Genres and language intersect in video, performance, installations and exhibitions that present the vitality of a dialogue between established artists and emerging creators.


The program includes an international competition of videodance and documentaries, performances, a section aimed at children and youth, workshops and masterclasses, as well as exhibitions and installations, that expand the Festival by the city.




Małgorzata Mielech

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