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On Sunday, 7 July at 7.30 pm, Ampelmenschen ? the latest work by Maciej Kuźmiński ? will premiere in Velodrom Theatre in the German city of Regensburg. Drawing on the phenomena of Ostalgia (a nostalgic attitude towards DDR) Kuźmiński?s work was produced and presented within the framework of Tanz.Fabrik!Sieben program happening in 2019 under the theme beyond tradition.The commission was awarded to Kuźmiński as a result of him winning in 2018 the 32. International Choreographic Competition in Hannover (Germany) with his solo I Fought Piranhas.


            Kuźmiński?s premiere will feature among six other works presented on Sunday evening ? these works were prepared by five dancers from Theater Regensburg Tanz for their colleagues from the company. This is the seventh edition of this choreographic workshop.


            Ampelmenschen is a 20-minute journey inspired by the testimonies of ex-DDR citizens, particularly this of Roland Jahn, an ex DDR-oppositionist, and their attitude towards the transition between the GDR and the Democratic Republic of Germany. The work depicts the clash between the brutality of existence in GDR with the brutality of galloping capitalism in the early Republic of Germany, in order to look at the contradictory experiences of many Germans today with the admixture of Ostalgia. The title itself, which is an untranslatable game of words, refers to the symbolism of Ampelmännchen (eng. little traffic light man). A characteristic symbol of the GDR traffic lights signal, a green, vigorously walking man in a hat, has become a positive manifestation of Ostalgia, in spite of picturing the terrifying 1st secretary of the Party, Erich Honecker, accused of genocide in connection with with expanding the ?Schießbefehl? order of shooting at citizens trying to cross the border.


Overall evening program:

Naked Twirl

Choreography: Simone Elliott

Dance:Simone Elliott, Tiana Lara Hogan, Harumi Takeuchi; Fabian Moreira Costa, Tommaso Quartani


A Sacred Glade

Choreography: Simone Elliott

Concept: Harumi Takeuchi

Dance: Harumi Takeuchi


Choreography: Rei Okunishi

Dance: Tiana Lara Hogan, Rei Okunishi, Harumi Takeuchi; Fabian Moreira Costa


Dissolving Silence

Choreography: Tiana Lara Hogan

Dance: Tiana Lara Hogan, Simone Elliott; Alessio Burani, Péter Dániel Matkaicsek, Tommaso Quartani, Fabian Moreira Costa



Choreography: Louisa Poletti

Concept: Louisa Poletti, Jonas Hackmann

Dance: Louisa Poletti, Jonas Hackmann

Action at a Distance

Choreography: Péter Dániel Matkaicsek

Dance: Simone Elliott, Tiana Lara Hogan, Rei Okunishi; Tommaso Quartani



Choreography: Maciej Kuźmiński (as Guest)

Dance: Theater Regensburg Tanz


Duration of the whole evening: circa 1h 30 min., no intermission

This evening program will also be presented on July 12 and 14.


More information:

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