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 Maciej Kuźmiński is going to perform his solo ?Maciej Kuźmiński? at this year’s Free to Fall festival. The presentation is going to take place on Saturday, 6 September at the Rich Mix centre in London. This is the first time the solo is shown outside of Poland; previously, it has been performed in Lublin, Wrocław, Bytom and Zduńska Wola.


About the performance: 

This entirely improvised performance looks at my dance education and current situation as a dance maker. The lack of any movement, lighting, musical, costume or scenographic structure creates a challenging situation, through which a struggle with movement habits, self-confidence and limitations is exposed. ?Maciej Kuźmiński? is a process which includes spontaneity and exhaustion, self-awareness, sincerety, honesty and an ongoing search.



 ?Maciej Kuźmiński?, 2013,

40 min.,

improvised solo


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