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Rehearsals for Maciej Kuźmiński?s graduation film with the 1st year students of the ArtEZ conservatory in Arnhem, Netherlands are underway. The work was originally designed as a theatrical performance, but due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the format was changed to a film, and rehearsals and lessons take place remotely on the Zoom platform. The premiere is planned for the turn of June and July. The watchword is #Metamorphosis.


The choreographer?s statement: Working remotely, in the reality of the Covid-19 pandemic, changes completely the approach to the student and the work itself. It is, of course, more challenging, it is hard to work in front of the screen 8-10 hours a day, being cut off from other students who, under normal conditions, are an inspiration, motivation to each other. But there are also positive sides to it. The process is fully focused on the individual ? the student is from the beginning to the end fully responsible for the creative process, execution, framing. Of course, we have one-2-one consultations, but ultimately the student is responsible for the appearance of his work and its organisation.


ArtEZ, based in Arnhem, Enschede and Zwolle, is one of the largest art colleges in the Netherlands and its dance department is considered, next to Codarts (Rotterdam), as one of the best in the Netherlands. The history of the ArtEZ school dates back to the late 1930s (Winja Marova School).


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About the choreographer:

Maciej Kuźmiński ? choreographer, teacher, producer. His independent productions form the repertoire of Maciej Kuźmiński Company. Architect and manager of the Polish Dance Network. Since 2014, Kuźmiński?s works have been shown over 160 times in 20 countries. He recently choreographed at the invitation of the Polish Dance Theatre and the ROZBARK Theatre. He regularly works within the higher education context ? recently at the invitation of Codarts in Rotterdam, Belgrade Dance Institute or Trinity Laban in London. Kuźmiński is a recipient of several significant awards for choreography, including awards at the Polish Dance Platform 2014, the International Choreographic Competition in Hanover in 2016 and 2018, or the Festival of Choreographic Miniatures in Belgrade in 2018.


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