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Maciej Kuźmiński’s latest work, the duo event horizon, qualified for the prestigious Rotterdam International Duet Choreography Competition (RIDCC). From 417 entries from 62 countries, 16 of the best duos have been selected to compete in the main program of the competition. Live presentations of the selected performances will take place from June 24-26 in Rotterdam and will be broadcast live.

RIDCC is currently one of the leading choreography competitions in the world, offering 11 awards, including production awards for Nederlands Dans Theater, Club Guy and Roni and Dutch National Ballet, and the XL prize of 100.000 Euro for production for Scapino Ballet Rotterdam.

Maciej Kuźmiński, together with the dancers – Monika Witkowska and Omar Karabulut, are the first Polish artists in the history of the RIDCC qualified for this competition.

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About  event horizon

As street protests mount, and sides dig deeper their ideological trenches, the unity of the nation takes a form more of an unwanted guest, rather than a loving family. The white-red Polish flag becomes the very field of the political conflict, the very identity that both sides try to reclaim for themselves. The new and old divisions cut deeper than ever into the fabric of the society, splitting friends and families, inspiring anger, and driving violence. We are heading towards the point of no return. Or have we already crossed it?

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Choreography, production, lighting, music mixing: Maciej Kuźmiński

Dancers: Monika Witkowsk & Omar Karabulut

Costume: Ilona Binarsch

Filming & editing: Paweł Szymkowiak

Photos & poster: Aleksander Joachimiak

Support: Paweł Urbanowicz

Music: Jóhann Jóhannsson

Technician: Dastin Greczyło

Duration: 9 min.

Produced by: Maciej Kuźmiński Company

Production support: Rozbark Theatre, Zduńska Wola Culture House

About the artist:

Maciej Kuźmiński – is a choreographer, teacher, producer. He creates his independent productions under Maciej Kuźmiński Company label. He is an architect and manager of the Polish Dance Network. The English magazine “Dance Tabs” described Kuźmiński’s work Room 40 as “combining beauty and concept”, which aptly describes the style of the choreographer. Since 2014, his works “formally bold and using  dynamic movement rooted in the dancers” physicality, were presented more than 170 times in 21 countries. He created performances for companies including the Polish Dance Theater, Scapino Ballet Rotterdam and Regensburg Theater. He is the winner of several awards and distinctions for choreography: at the Polish Dance Platform and at international choreography competitions in Hannover, Stuttgart and Belgrade. In 2021, he was nominated for the Golden Cross of the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture for the performance i. He develops his original technique of movement and composition Dynamic Phrasing, which he taught, among others at the Codarts, ArtEZ, PERA, and BDI conservatories. He graduated with honours from BA Dance Theater and MA Choreography from the Trinity Laban Conservatory in London.

Artist’s portfolio:

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