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We are happy to inform that Marta Kosieradzka will present her solo entitled The Doubts and Reflections of Eve within the Solo Contemporary Dance Festival in Turkey. Her performance will feature on the second day of the festival. SCDF is an international festival of solo choreography. The Festival will be held for the second time at the contemporary art centre CerModern in Ankara.


More information about the performance The Doubts and Reflections of Eve:


Dance performance inspired by a poem by the Polish writer Adam Zagajewski ?Try to praise the mutilated world?. The performance?s main theme is the contrast between the incredible beauty of the world and it?s brutality and sadness. Can we celebrate and praise life and at the same time be aware of the evil character of it? Apart from the poem, the performance was also inspired by the biblical story of Eve, it?s interpretations in painting, film and literature. It is in human nature to constantly search for beauty, peace and enjoyment, but at the same time to constantly balance on the line between good and evil. Constant temptation to eat a the fruit of knowledge of good and evil remains a the main motor driving our actions.


The performance won the first prize in the choreographic competition of the Warsaw Dance Platform in 2016. In June 2017, the site-specific version of the piece was presented at the Fuori Formato Festival in Genova at the contemporary art museum Museo Villa Croce. In 2018, it was qualified to the finals of the 22Festival of Choreographic Miniatures in Belgrade. In Poland, the performance was presented at the Sfera Ruchu Festival in Nowa Sól, on the stage of Zawirowania Dance Theatre, within the Warsaw Dance Art Centre project and during the Open Stage Festival in Tarnów. The Doubts and Reflections of Eve also formed a basis for a dance film of the same title, directed by the Spanish director ? Eve Campos Suárez.



Dance/choreography: Marta Kosieradzka

Music: Adriano Fontana

Duration: 15 min

link to work:



More information about the festival:

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