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On Saturday, 5 December (7 pm), the premiere of ?La piel la danza? (?Skin of Dance?) choreographed by Małgorzata Haduch will be held in Pachuca (Mexico). Małgorzata Haduch, a Cracow artist, has worked for three months with Luz Corporea from Universidad Autonoma Del Estado de Hidalgo, Mexico, as a part of a scholarship from the Mexican government she received. The key question behind this creative process is what we actually see when dancing and watching dance. Małgorzata Haduch, accompanied by seven dancers, is seeking transformation of movement, which originates from a malleable and changeable creative mass brought about by proximity of bodies and ceaseless dance.


The same evening will also witness the first Haduch?s performance directed in Mexico Whisper in my Eye:


The project Whisper in my Eye  came to fruition as a result of an artistic residence at the Centro de las Artes in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, during which the artist collaborated with professional dancers from Queretaro, Jalisco, Pachuca and San Luis Potosi, selected in the course of auditions. The performance strives to find choreographic tools which would make it possible to translate the dance experience from the visible to the audible. Still, instead of sound, the centre of this choreography operates with silence, with movement arising from two musical forms of expression: whisper and noise. The sole soundtrack to Haduch?s performance is the human voice, which combines the elements of Polish and Mexican culture in a surprising and somewhat romantic fashion. In their dancing composition, the ensemble also utilizes the methods of movement creation developed and compiled by Haduch throughout the series of performances Free The Dance.


The making of Whisper in my Eye springs from the choreographer?s personal background, as Haduch spent much of her childhood in Mexico. The performance is the first project to combine her professional life and artistic interests with her memories from the Mexican stage of her life. Therefore, the choreography in Whisper in my Eye is informed by both Mexican folk dances and tender Polish songs.


Pachuca del Soto, Mexico

5 December 2015

Socavon ? Club Real del Monte, Pachuca


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