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On 22-25 November 2017, Polish artists will present their pieces as part of the Perforations Festival at the  La MaMa Theatre in New York (66 E 4th Street). Croatia?s acclaimed Perforations Festival returns to New York with a diverse slate of genre-blurring performances by artists from Central and Eastern Europe. The 2017 festival will feature seven productions over ten days including U.S. premieres by Bruno Isakovic and Mia Zalukar, Via Negativa, Ina Sladic, Magda Stawman-Tuka and Anita Wach, Jasna L. Vinovrški, and Marta Ziółek. The Great Jones Repertory Company?s 2015 work Pylade, directed by Ivica Buljan, will also be presented. As part of the Polish showcase, Marta Ziółek (accompanied by dancers and performers Agnieszka Kryst, Ramona Nagabczyńska, Robert Wasiewicz, Paweł Sakowicz, Katarzyna Sikora, Maria Kozłowska, Lubomir Grzelak, Dominika Olszowy) will perform Make Yourself (22 November, 7 pm; 25 November, 9 pm). Anita Wach will take to the stage with One Hundred Toasts developed in collaboration with the Via Negativa collective (22 November, 8 pm), and as co-performer in Tukawach?s piece How the Hares Are Dying/Private Inventory (24 November, 8 pm).


Taking place annually in Croatia since 2009, Perforacije (Perforations) is the largest initiative focused on artists from Central and Eastern Europe whose work is created within the independent artistic scene. Recipient of an EFFE Award for its innovative programming, Perforations presents artists working in performance art, dance, and theater whose diverse approaches to art-making blur the borders between these genres. While the works touch upon issues of identity, of a collective past, and personal histories, the primary focus is on the present and future. Perforations Festival NY was first presented at La MaMa in 2011.


Make Yourself

The experiment involves five performers with stage-named High Speed, Coco, Lordi, Glow and Beauty. This experience is guided and moderated by Ziółek as Angel Dust. Individual body monologues are intertwined with hybrid group workout and trance practice including rave, kundalini yoga, latino flow and dancehall. The plot is set somewhere between a workout gym, a techno party and a corporate church of mindfulness.



One Hundred Toasts

The Polish version of the performance focuses on the outstanding director and visual artist Tadeusz Kantor. We toast the receding myth of the Romantic artist and welcome that of the energetic consumer-artist. The Slovenian premiere was held on the anniversary of death of the great Romantic artist France Prešeren, and the toasts were made to Slovenian language as the foundation of national identity.



How the Hares Are Dying/ Private Inventory

Combining two very different forms of presentations that result from individual performative research, the two artists explore the idea of disappearance in relation to the sense of being, adopting the German artist Joseph Beuys as their imaginary mentor. Starting with the idea of the ?choreography of the hidden,? Private Inventory is a task-based ritual involving simple actions and drawing on the performers? personal memories. The theme of self-sacrifice and continuous transformation permeates How the Hares Are Dying, a multimedia, post-dramatic confrontation of the Myth and its personal manifestations.




The Perforations Festival

Curated by Zvonimir Dobrovic





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