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This Friday and Saturday, on 15 and 16 February, Maria Zimpel?s noish~ will inaugurate the ACZIUN SUSCH programme at Muzeum Susch / Art Stations Foundation CH in the Swiss canton of Grisons. Joanna Leśnierowska, the principal curator of the programme, will give an introduction before the performance.


About the show:

noish~ is a performance which strives to be one thing. It requires the ultimate discipline. The sensualised body filters the noise, intensifying in space the disintegration of all its appearances. Here noise is neither sound nor crying; seen as play, noise is a stimulus and a catalyst of change. There is no I ? I testify to that. Dance and music are interwoven; I can only see vibrations on the surface, but I never see it crack.


The choreography was created in 2014 in cooperation with an experimental musician, Gerard Leibik. Bryan Eubanks is currently responsible for the music of noish~. The work is co-produced by Art Stations Foundation, for which Maria Zimpel was chosen as priority artist by Aerowaves, a European network of dance specialists, in 2016.


noish~ will be performed at Muzeum Susch in Zernez on 15 and 16 February at 7 pm.

Tickets: 15 Swiss Francs

Due to a limited number of seats, please make a reservation through


Maria Zimpel works in the field of dance, performance and choreography, in which her primary concern is the search for movement and exploration of physical boundaries. Her works have been largely influenced by somatic practices and choreographic improvisation by Rosalind Crisp. Zimpel has studied at the HzT (Dance, Choreography, Context) of the UdK in Berlin and at the Department of Cultural Studies of the UAM in Poznań. She was awarded the DanceWeb scholarship in 2009. She appeared on the European scene of contemporary dance a few years ago and has concentrated her professional activities on the cities of Poznań, Berlin and Vienna.


Bryan Eubanks (born 1977) is an American musician and composer. He writes electric and acoustic compositions for small ensembles, solo instruments and software; improvises in multiple collaborations; creates sound installations and promotes diffusion techniques with the use of acoustic holography. Since 2001, he has taken part in numerous collaborative projects performing his works at multiple international venues. He has lived in Portland and New York, and is now a resident of Berlin.


About the programme:

Since 2004, Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk has supported the development of contemporary choreography through the performative art programme Stary Browar Nowy Taniec in Poznań. Created and managed by curator Joanna Leśnierowska, the programme is a unique concept in Central and Eastern Europe, a meeting place for Polish and international dance professionals and a platform of artistic explorations, creations and choreographic (auto)reflection. The platform helps develop the art of choreography in a dialogue with other domains by examining its history and theory, posing questions about its future and exploring its political and social content and context, in addition to the more common artistic, formal and meta-thematic perspectives.


The (broadened) choreographic practice thus conceived forms a key point of interest for ACZIUN (meaning action/activity in the Romansch language), in collaboration with Muzeum Susch. Political in nature and often widely discursive, choreography remains constantly engaged in questioning the recognised and/or constantly imposed manners of perceiving/experiencing the body and the world in order to create their counter-visualisations ? new methods of seeing and being seen. Choreography, which ? as Trisha Brown said ? inhabits (and boldly widens) the gap between visual arts and dance and which continuously re-defines its own field of operation and autonomous territory, will gain recognition and find its space within the ACZIUN SUSCH programme.


ACZIUN SUSCH includes creative and research residencies, which create a common ground for reflection and individual practice in connection with public displays of works and processes, workshops and lectures dedicated to the latest trends in choreography and its rich contexts. During its first year, the programme will focus on familiarising the Swiss audiences with the most interesting achievements of Polish avant-garde choreography, celebrated together with Art Stations Foundation CH during the fifteenth year of the Stary Browar Nowy Taniec programme.


Programme curator: Joanna Leśnierowska

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