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The premiere of Maciej Kuźmiński?s new work ? Parting Ways ? will take place in the National Dance Theatre (Nemzeti Táncszínház) in Budapest (Hungary). The work was commissioned by Eva Duda Dance Company, which will celebrate it?s 10 years anniversary by presenting a retrospective performance entitled MIRROR. Both productions ? Parting Ways and MIRROR,will feature as a double-bill evening at the 20th edition of the prestigious Budapest Dance Festival.


Parting Ways is a deeply emotional and spiritual work. The choreography, accompanied by the music of Meredith Monk, will take the audience on a poetic, existential journey through a universal take on the experience of loss.


Maciej Kuźmiński ? choreographer, teacher, producer. Initiator and director of the Polish Dance Network. Since 2014, Kuźmiński?s works have been staged over 160 times in 20 countries. Most of his recent works were choreographed for the Polish Dance Theater and the ROZBARK Theater. He is a recipient of several significant awards for choreography, including awards at the Polish Dance Platform 2014, the International Choreographic Competition in Hanover in 2016 and 2018, or the Festival of Choreographic Miniatures in Belgrade in 2018. Kuźmiński graduated with honours from the BA Dance Theater studio, and with Distinction from MA Choreography from the Trinity Laban Conservatory in London.

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The work of Eva Duda Dance Company is characterized by a variety of genres, styles and trends. However, what is common are dynamic and clean movements, energetic, precise forms, as well as sensitive reflections on current artistic and social topics.In addition to progressive presentations of contemporary dance, Eva Duda Company enriches the repertoire with productions combining elements of acrobatic and folk dance, as well as large scale multidisciplinary dance theatre projects. In recent years, Eva Duda Company?s choreographies have included works by invited artists from Hungary and abroad, which further expanded the theatre?s unique repertoire.

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