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We are pleased to inform you that Polish dancer Paulina Bidzińska won the 15th edition of Eurovision Young Dancers held in Prague. In the nail-biting finals, the representative of Poland beat seven competitors, including the Czech dancer Michal Vach. Next year?s edition of Eurovision Young Dancers will see the Polish TV network Telewizja Polska host the prestigious competition for the fourth time.


Paulina Bidzińska had been dubbed a ?dancing diamond? before the competition even began. Choreographed by Jacek Przybyłowicz to the music of Antonio Vivaldi, her set La Certa captivated the jury. Daria Klimentová, Ambra Succi and Itzik Galili had no doubt that Bidzińska outranked her competition in the EYD finals.


?It is a great honour for me and the country of Poland, as well as those who have cheered for me. It?s been a delightfully emotional night,? said the laureate, who as a little girl had dreamed of becoming a figure skating. ?As for the prize, I am not planning to spend it any time soon, but save it up for future travels. I am overjoyed with the victory, not in the least because I think I have been noticed, which will hopefully translate in new career opportunities.?

Paulina Bidzińska is a 19-year-old graduate of the Ludomir Różycki Ballet School in Bytom. She he has participated in a number of dance presentations, competitions, and workshops. In 2017, she won the National Wojciech Wiesiołłowski Dance Competition in Gdańsk, where she also came second in 2015. In 2016, she won an honourable mention at the 9th International Choreographic Competition for Ballet School Students in Bytom.

Apart from Paulina Bidzińska, this year?s Eurovision Young Dancers finalists included Michal Vach of the Czech Republic, Denise Buttigieg of Malta, Danila of Germany, Anna Louise Amundsen of Norway, Raquel Fidalgo of Portugal, Patricija Crnkovič of Slovenia, and Christoffer Collins of Sweden.


Click below to watch:

Paulina Bidzińska?s performance

Interview with the winner


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