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A group of five Polish-Malaysian contemporary dancers staged three performances in Kuala Lumpur celebrating the 250th anniversary of public theatre in Poland.


The artists, Polish dancer and choreographer, Zuzanna Kasprzyk among them, presented original show B.E.D. — But Everybody Dreams Dreams Enough Big at the Kuala Lumpur Performance Arts Centre (KLPAC) on 26-28 July, using mattresses as the main prop.


The experimental performance was based on blurring the lines between audience and artists, interaction with the public, improvisation and random artistic connotations. The artists used various music (classical and pop) and video installation. The venue, the KLPAC lobby, was also unusual. There were references to Polish culture, e. g. dancing the Polish folk dance oberek with the audience.


The audience reacted lively during the show. After the performances people stayed for a long time to talk to the artists.


The event was promoted e. g. by Time Out KL, the most important event magazine in Malaysia, and a local arts portal, Kakiseni. Zuzanna was interviewed on the Kuala Lumpur radio station BFM. Announcements about ?B.E.D.? were aired on Capital FM as well.


Except for the B.E.D. performances, Zuzanna Kasprzyk organised two choreographic workshops:  for girls aged 13?20 at the Total Gym rhythmic gymnastics studio and at the Kwang Tung Dance Academy.



The project is supported by the Polish Embassy in Kuala Lumpur as part of celebrations marking 250 years of public theatre in Poland.


Source: Polish Embassy in Kuala Lumpur

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