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28 July, saw the launch of the 10th National Contemporary Dance Workshops “Na bosaka” [Barefoot] in Połczyn-Zdrój, Poland. This year for the first time the workshops come with a dance festival, featuring a dance performance competition, dance films, street and open-air performances of dance and music, dance shows, an improvised performance, presentations concluding different intensive workshops, theoretical talks and panel discussions, jam sessions, dance parties to bring everyone together, practical classes and open lessons for the participants and audiences.

The workshops offer 600 hours of dance instruction, divided into 20 courses run by 20 prominent Polish teachers. Participants are free to choose between courses, specialisations, open lessons and weekend classes.

The workshops provide courses for dancers but also instructors, improvisers, artists involved in site-specific and open-air performances, participants’ children, persons with injuries and impaired mobility, and anybody eager to start their dance adventure. As it was last year, the workshops are divided into two periods, 28 July–4 August and 3–10 August. A particular treat for the audience will be the competition performances (31 July–2 August), taking place at Podhale cinema (starting at 8:30 pm), as well as happenings, most of which will be staged on 4 August around the town and in Połczyn-Zdrój’s park, starting at 6 pm.

The workshops and festival will last until 10 August 2013.

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