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Polish photographer Tomasz Lazar (bluebird artists) has been recently invited to France to do a photo shoot for the promo poster for the Cinderella ballet, which will be presented by the Paris Opera on the 350th anniversary of this illustrious institution. The photographs feature Dorothée Gilbert, one of the top ballet dancers in the world, who will perform the eponymous role in the piece. The effects of Lazar?s collaboration with Gilbert can now be seen across Paris on posters and in a range of other materials released by the Opera to promote the event. Cinderella will be featured in the Opera?s repertoire from 26 November 2018 through 2 January 2019. The piece will be one of several performances to inaugurate the unique, anniversary season of the Paris Opera.


Tomasz Lazar?s photographs have been used in the poster advertising the classical performance originally choreographed by Rudolph Nureyev and featuring music by Sergei Prokofiev. The ballet is an adaptation of the evergreen fairy tale by Charles Perrault, transposed to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. Thanks to her film producer Godmother, the heroine leaves her meagre life and chases her dreams side by side with the Prince Charming, played by the famous actor Hugo Marchand. The main part in the piece has been commissioned to Dorothée Gilbert, who ranks among the top ballet dancers worldwide. It was also her who posed for Lazar?s photographs, which show both the fairytale-like and the Hollywood faces of Cinderella.


Cinderella is not the first international collaboration of the young photographer represented by bluebird artists ( Lazar has already contributed to projects developed in Tokyo, New York, and Milan, and his photographs have been showcased in exhibitions in France, Italy, Spain, and the USA. Lazar has been awarded with a number of prizes in Poland and abroad, including the 2nd prize in the World Press Photo competition in the People and Events category.


Premiering on 26 November 2018, Cinderella will be part of the spectacular celebration of the 350th anniversary of the Paris Opera. The lead theme accompanying all events in this upcoming season, ?Modern since 1669,? has been carefully considered in the repertoire of all of the Opera?s stages in the nearest months.

Opéra Bastille and Opéra Garnier will be host to 199 opera performances and 184 ballet shows, including a number of classical and contemporary pieces.


The Paris Opera was founded on 28 June 1669 by king Louis XIV. Initially operating as the Royal Academy of Music, its performances featuring instrumental music, ballet, and opera, were presented all around Paris. It was only in 1858, in the era of the Second French Empire, that Napoleon III commissioned the young architect Charles Garnier with the erection of the new theatre hall. Currently known as Opéra Garnier, the building opened in 1875. In 1989, on the bicentenary of the Storming of the Basteille, the Paris Opera opened its second seat, Opéra Bastille. The 30th anniversary of this cutting edge theatre will mark another important anniversary in the upcoming season. 

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