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This year’s 100º Berlin Festival (20-23 February 2014) features a range of productions from Poland’s dancers and choreographers. Among them are the Coinspiration Dance Theatre with Thoughts…, a choreography by Adrian Rzetelski (21 February, 6 pm,Sophiensaele); Rafał Dziemidok/Koncentrat with My life in tears (22 February, 7 pm,HAU2); Katarzyna Wolińska with Hi Mary (22 February, 7 pm, Ballhaus Os) and Flesh System // Korina Kordova & Przemek Kamiński with #abyss.witchroulette (22 February, 8 pm,Sophiensaele).

The event will also feature productions by Polish artists living and working abroad, namely Those three little words, a video series by Agata Siniarska and Diego Agulló (22 February, 9 pm, Sophiensaele) and Ania Nowak’s performance I would like to sit next to a woman and a number of other desires (22 February, 6 and 8 pm, HAU2).


100° Berlin Festival is a showcase of fringe theatre taking place annually in the German capital. Called the “Theatre Marathon”, it features more than a hundred of productions over four days and takes place at different venues simultaneously: HAU Hebbel am Ufer, the Sophiensæle and, for the first time this year, Ballhaus Ost. All three venues will be opening their spaces and courtyards to host productions from the fields of theater, dance and performance, presented every hour. A special shuttle service takes spectators from venue to venue. Midnight speakers like Schorsch Kamerun and Christine Wahl comment on what they have seen. In the final stretch there’s the awards presentation: A jury of experts will select the artists who will then get the chance to show their productions once again on 2 and 3 April during the “Best of 100°”.

About the video series:

Those three little words is the name of the body of work created by Diego Agulló and Agata Siniarska on the topic of love discourse. The formal motivation was to explore the notion of loop not only as a formal technique but also from the point of view of the content, namely, all the occasions that love relationships end up falling into a repetition of certain behaviours, words and situations. Working mainly with video and cinemagraph series, Agata and Diego have developed the following pieces: Breathless, Fingering, Coming Soon and Tuning Love. ·

More information on Polish artists’ pieces:

Coinspiration Dance Theatre “Thoughts…” – chor. Adrian Rzetelski

Rafał Dziemidok “My life in tears”

Katarzyna Wolińska “Hi Mary”

Ania Nowak “I would like to sit next to a woman and a number of other desires”

Flesh System // Korina Kordova + Przemek Kamiński “#abyss.witchroulette”

Download the festival’s programme

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