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The Polish Institute in Vienna was established 40 years ago, in 1974. Since then, it has extended its operations all over Austria, working from its offices in the heart of the country?s capital. To celebrate 40 years of animated and effective Polish-Austrian cultural cooperation, in the afternoon and evening of Friday, 13 June, the Institute will host a wealth of with attractions in square in front of its offices (moving inside if it rains). Between 4 and 7pm the space will turn into a stage where choreographers, dancers, musicians, performers, and representatives of other art forms from Poland and Austria will join forces in artistic efforts, trying to engage the public as well. 


Contact improvisation has been part of the artistic toolboxes of Anna Piotrowska, Jacek Owczarek and Dawid Lorenc, three Polish choreographers, for many years. Also joining in the celebrations will be Polish improvising musicians, young dancers of the Samsara group, and Wrocław-based artists, sure to give an  unforgettable performance alongside their Viennese counterparts. We will undoubtedly see many fascinating interactions between improvised music and dance, and with the public.


If you are willing to set out on a journey whose itinerary combines the opera, pop music and group therapy, you should consider the offer put forward by the duo of Radek Hewelt and Filip Szatarski. Clever Project is a reflection on the status of theatre in a time of economic crisis that brings to mind promotional efforts based on low-cost airlines? business model: small budget, high value, low risk. Hewelt & Szatarski prove that there might be something positive and inspiring in a crisis.


The participation of dancers and musicians from Poland is possible thanks to the support of the Wrocław City Hall.



Square in front of the Polish Institute,
Am Gestade 7, 1010 Vienna

Admission free



Wrocław City Hall

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