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On Saturday, 28 November (8 pm), the Polish Dance Theatre will premiere Ewa Wycichowska?s Lament. Pamięci Tadeusza Różewicza [LAMENT. Tadeusz Różewicz in memoriam] (MP 2, ul. Głogowska 14). Formally, the show spans two temporal dimensions with characters shifting between them and interacting with one another. These parallel spaces amount to a poetic and realistic world, adequate to the theatre language used by Tadeusz Różewicz. Crucially important to the project is the stage design, music, and multimedia which transcend mere ornamentation and serve as signifiers. Lament has qualified for the strefa_kontaktu / Contact Zone 2016 Festival organised by the Contemporary Theatre in Wrocław and co-production collaboration (European Capital of Culture 2016).


The eponymous lament has manifold meanings. As a multidimensional issue which touches upon both interpersonal relations and the type of psychical and emotional condition which accompanies artists when interacting with a work of art and assessing its value. Thus, it is also an individual dialogue between each performer with Różewicz?s ?wound?. The artists are interested in penetrating the transgressive world which exists between the space of trauma and the space of a work whose character is therapeutic and expiatory. The confessional intimacy which typifies Różewicz?s volume of poems inspires the company to take on selected themes and motifs which creatively transcribe it for dance theatre. By balancing the meaning of words and movement, and by establishing a dramatic structure based on semantic and bodily sounds, the authors of the performance contemplate the dichotomies of the world and arts.




Direction and choreography: Ewa Wycichowska
Direction and lead role: Janusz Stolarski
Music: Krzysztof Wiki-Nowikow
Stage design: Bohdan Cieślak
Costumes: Anna Czyż
Make-up and hair-style: Adriana Cygankiewicz
Video: Daniel Stryjecki
Selection and edition of texts: Jagoda Ignaczak
Literary consultant: Maria Dębicz
Cello: Agnieszka Kowalczyk


Under the honorary patronage of the Marshall of the Wielkopolskie Province Marek Woźniak.


Produced as part of wtw://strefy_kontaktu 2016, implemented by the Contemporary Theatre in Wrocław within the Wrocław ? European Capital of Culture 2016 programme.



MKiDN Stypendium (miniaturka)  MKiDN dofinansowanie (oryginał)



WTW Strefy Kontaktu 2016 (miniaturka)

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