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On 14th and 15th March at 8.30 pm, the Polish Dance Theatre (Polski Teatr Tańca) will present its Forefather’s Eve_Copy.Doc (Dziady_kopia.doc) directed by Tomasz Bazan at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London.


Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance is the first and only tertiary education institution in the United Kingdom to offer the opportunity to study both music and contemporary dance. Its unique curriculum redefines the notion of ?conservatoire? in the twenty-first century. The school offers the artists studying both music and dance a common space for practice, cooperation, stage presentations and research. By drawing on the cultural legacies of music and dance and, simultaneously, employing the latest teaching methods, it allows its students to conduct cross border artistic experiments and achieve innovative effects in art.


Inspired by Adam Mickiewicz?s Dziady and William Gibson?s Sprawl trilogyForefather’s Eve_Copy.Doc performed by the Polish Dance Theatre is a modern-day confrontation of a man seeking the logos of unlimited knowledge with non-material time and world, expressed in a language of futuristic technologies. It narrates the story of a body threatened by extermination, but it is also an effort to put that which is unknown in order. In modern times, the unknown is expressed in the realm of contemporary culture by searching for new humanities manifested in the deconstruction of notions.


The production has been financially supported by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. 


The performances of Forefather’s Eve_Copy.Doc at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance have received support from the Polish Cultural Institute (Polski Instytut Kulturalny) in London. 


more information about the production


more information about the performances in London

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