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This year marks the 20th anniversary of Maksim Woitiul?s artistic career. To celebrate the occasion, on Saturday, 1 October (7 pm), the dancer will perform the part of Sonor, a Hindu warrior in Marius Petipa?s La Bayad?re, choreographed by Natalia Makarova. 


Maksim Woitiul was born in 1978 in Minsk, Belarus. In 1996, he completed the Minsk State Ballet Academy and was appointed a soloist at the National Opera and Ballet Theatre in Minsk, where he debuted as the Blue Bird in Tchaikovsky?s The Sleeping Beauty. In 1998, he was appointed a soloist and, in 2000, the first soloist at the Polish National Opera in Warsaw. In the 2001/2002 season, he danced with the National Ballet of Canada in Toronto, returning to Warsaw the following season. Woitiul?s guest appearances include Austria, Belgium, China, France, Holland, Japan, Canada, Latvia, Germany, Switzerland, Taiwan and the USA. In 2011, he was awarded the Bronze Gloria Artis Medal for Merits to Culture. 


In 2001, he was awarded a Bronze Medal for Merit to Culture ?Gloria Artis?.



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A beautiful Hindu tale of love whose power transcends death. Directed by ballet legend Natalia Makarova, the National Opera and Ballet Theatre version of La Bayad?re follows in the footsteps of the best Petersburg productions. Makarova?s take on Marius Petipa?s 1877 work is permeated by reverence to, and refinement of, the original choreography, leaving the unequaled choreography of the Kingdom of Shades scene (a canonical part of the classical ballet heritage) untouched. Makarova?s La Bayad?re was originally produced by the American Ballet Theatre in New York, and subsequently re-staged with the world?s leading classical ballet companies. A colorful, romantic performance, her indelible piece has enchanted audiences with its momentum and emotional power. Full of individual flare and breathtaking group scenes, La Bayad?re poses a perfect challenge to the academic craft of any ballet ensemble, including the Polish National Ballet and its lead soloists.


A ballet in three acts
Libretto: Marius Petipa, Siergiej Chudiekow
Music: Ludwig Minkus
Preparation: John Lanchbery
World premiere: 4.02.1877, The Bolshoi Theatre
Premiere of this stage production: 21.05.1980, American Ballet Theatre, New York
Premiere in the Grand Theatre – National Opera in Warsaw: 15 May 2004

Stage production and choreography: Natalia Makarova following Marius Petipa
Conductor: Alexei Baklan
Stage design and costumes: Jadwiga M. Jarosiewicz
Lighting: Stanisław Zięba


Polish National Ballet and the Teatr Wielki ? Polish National Opera orchestra


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