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Eugeniusz Morawski, Aleksander Tansman, and Karol Szymanowski were three illustrious Polish composers whose music inspired an original, three-part performance by the Polish National Ballet, titled Polish Ballets. The performance comprises pieces by three outstanding Polish choreographers, Robert Bondara, Jacek Przybyłowicz and Jacek Tyski. This ballet night fosters the idea of using Polish interwar music as an artistic inspiration at the brink of the centenary of Polish independence.


The music of Morawski?s Świtezianka [Świtezianka ? The Nymph of Lake Świteź]and the eponymous ballet by Robert Bondara were inspired by the famous ballad written by the Polish romantic poet Adam Mickiewicz. Bondara touches upon such topics as romantic love, envy, manipulation and deceit, desire and infidelity, crime and punishment, none of which can be judged unambiguously. The complex psychology of his characters (in particular at the level of relationships between women) reminds one of Bondara?s previous Warsaw productions such as

Persona or Nevermore??


Jacek Tyski?s  Na pięciolinii [On the Staff] is set to Aleksander Tansman?s piece Sextuor. The choreographer recounts a subversive love affair featuring musical instruments personified by dancers. Another intriguing component of Tyski?s concept is the introduction of the composer on stage, where he will create his new work in front of the audience. Na pięciolinii marks another of Tyski?s choreographies for the Polish National Ballet following his recent Hamlet.


The ballet interpretation of Violin concerto no. 2is the second piece by Jacek Przybyłowicz set to the music by Karol Szymanowski that will be staged at the Polish National Opera, following his interpretation of Szymanowski?s Symphony no. 3 ?Song of the Night.? Created for nearly fifty dancers of the Polish National Ballet, the concept of Przybyłowicz?s latest choreography is determined by music itself. And yet, this non-narrative ballet will abound in emotions derived from Szymanowski?s wonderful piece.


The premiere of this ballet night in three parts will take place on 10 November 2017 at 7 pm, followed by repeat performances on 12 and 14 November 2017 (6 pm and 7 pm, respectively), and on 28 March 2018.


POLISH BALLETS at the rehearsal room ? artist talk


The premiere will be preceded by the artist talk on 6 November 2017 (7 pm) featuring the choreographers of the ballet night, Robert Bondara, Jacek Tyski, and Jacek Przybyłowicz.


The meeting will be hosted by Jacek Hawryluk ? Deputy Director General of Polskie Radio 2.


Excerpts from the choreographies will be presented by the dancers of the Polish Naitonal Ballet: Yuka Ebihara, Maksim Woitiul, Kristóf Szabó, Aneta Zbrzeźniak oraz Patryk Walczak.


Participants in the meeting will receive a 30% discount voucher for the purchase of up to 6 tickets for the performances of Polish Ballets in the 2017/18 season.

The meeting will take place at the Teatr Wielki ? Polish National Opera rehearsal room, entrance through porter?s lodge no.5 (ul. Moliera 1).



Authors of the performance:


Świtezianka [Świtezianka ? The Nymph of Lake Świteź]

Choreography: Robert Bondara

Music: Eugeniusz Morawski

Stage design, costumes: Julia Skrzynecka

Lighting: Maciej Igielski


Na pięciolinii [On the Staff]

Choreography: Jacek Tyski

Music: Aleksander Tansman (Sextour)

Stage design, lighting: Olga Skumiał

Costumes: Renata Bonter-Jędrzejewska

Video projections: Piotr Bednarczyk


II Violin Concerto

Choreography: Jacek Przybyłowicz

Music: Karol Szymanowski

Stage design: Boris Kudlička

Costumes: Paweł Grabarczyk

Lighting: Marc Heinz


Polish National Ballet

Director: Krzysztof Pastor

Orchestra of Teatr Wielki ? Polish National Opera

Conductor: Łukasz Borowicz



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