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Polish music has dominated the recent repertoire of the Polish National Ballet. Since November last year, the company has presented ballets featuring the music of Eugeniusz Morawski (Świtezianka), Aleksander Tansman (On the Stave), Karol Szymanowski (Violin Concerto No. II), Mieczysław Karłowicz (Returning Waves), Henryk Mikołaj Górecki (Moving Rooms and And the Rain Will Pass…), Stanisław Syrewicz (Pupa), and ? most of all ? Fryderyk Chopin, whose pieces have reverberated in Mikhail Fokin?s Chopiniana and John Neumeier?s The Lady of the Camellias. This time, the director of the Polish National Ballet, Krzysztof Pastor, ventures towards new, choreographic interpretations of both piano concertos in the ballet night titled Notre Chopin.


Collaborating with Pastor will be the esteemed English choreographer Liam Scarlett, who has created over a dozen original choreographies for the world famous Royal Ballet in London. Scarlett has also worked with other reputable companies in the United States, Japan, Norway, and New Zealand, earning a reputation of one of the most creative ballet minds of his time. Scarlett accepted the invitation to work in Warsaw particularly because of his personal history with Chopin, whose music had inspired the choreographer for a long time, even though he had never before referred to it directly in his choreographic practice. Scarlett eagerly agreed to contribute a new choreographic rendition of Chopin?s Concerto in E minor for the Polish National Ballet.


The second piece presented as part of Notre Chopin is Concerto in F minor choreographed by Krzysztof Pastor, whom Polish music has often directed towards poetical references to national history, as has been the case with Pastor?s ballet And the Rain Will Pass? featuring the music of Mikołaj Henryk Górecki. Similarly to his previous piece, Pastor has been working on his latest ballet together with the dramaturge and historian Daniel Przastek. Their collaboration has come to fruition in the form of Krzysztof Pastor?s latest piece, Concerto in F minor.


Both concertos will be performed by our illustrious piano virtuoso, Krzysztof Jabłoński, who will be accompanied by the Orchestra of the Polish National Opera conducted by Grzegorz Nowak. The stage design for both choreographies has been developed by Tatyana van Walsum, and lighting design has been contributed by Yaron Abulafia. The leading parts in Liam Scarlett?s choreography will be performed by Yuka Ebihara, Chinara Alizade, Patryk Walczak and Dawid Trzensimiech; Krzysztof Pastor?s choreography will feature performances by Yuka Ebihara, Dagmara Dryl, Vladimir Yaroshenko, Kristóf Szabó, Maksim Woitiul, Paweł Koncewoj and Carlos Martín Pérez.


The world premiere of Notre Chopin will be presented at the main stage of Teatr Wielki ? Polish National Opera on 17 November, followed by repeat performances on 18, 20 and 21 November 2018, and 27, 28 and 30 April 2019.


About the piece:


?If the powerful, autocratic monarch from the north [the Moscow Tsar] had known what a dangerous enemy he had in Chopin?s works, in the simple melodies of his mazurkas, he would have had his music banned. Chopin?s works are like cannons hidden among blossoms,? wrote Robert Schumann in 1836 in Neue Zeitschrift für Musik. Chopin was twenty years old when he left Warsaw at the beginning of November 1830, having given a ring to his beloved Konstancja. As he was bidding farewell to his conservatory colleagues at the Wola toll house, he had no idea he was parting with Poland forever. The word of the Uprising reached him when he was already in Vienna. Longing and fear for what was happening with his family arrested his creative momentum for many months. However, a few years later the echo of his genius began to spread around the world. Notre Chopin is a tribute to the Polish independence created by two acclaimed choreographers: Krzysztof Pastor and the Briton Liam Scarlett. Who else, if not Chopin, the greatest of all, could have become the musical hero of this wonderful artistic event?


Developed by:

choreography: Concerto in E minor: Liam Scarlett

choreography Concerto in F minor:  Krzysztof Pastor

Music: Fryderyk Chopin

Conductor: Grzegorz Nowak

Piano: Krzysztof Jabłoński

Stage costume design: Tatyana van Walsum


Lighting: Yaron Abulafia

Dramaturge Concerto in f-moll: Daniel Przastek



Yuka Ebihara: Concerto in E minor/ Pair 1. / Soloist

Patryk Walczak: Concerto in E minor/ Pair 1. / Soloist

Chinara Alizade: Concerto in E minor/ Pair 2. / Soloist

Dawid Trzensimiech: Concerto in E minor/ Pair 2. / Soloist

Yuka Ebihara: Concerto in F minor/ The Reborn / Soloist

Vladimir Yaroshenko: Concerto in F minor/ The Reborn / Soloist

Dagmara Dryl: Concerto in F minor/ The Reborn / Soloist

Kristóf Szabó: Concerto in F minor/ The Reborn / Soloist

Maksim Woitiul: Concerto in F minor/ Dogmatists / Soloist

Paweł Koncewoj: Concerto in F minor/ Dogmatists / Soloist


Polish National Ballet
Orchestra of Teatr Wielki ? Polish National Ballet

17, 18, 20, 21 November 2018

27, 28, 30 April 2019

Introductory talks featuring special guests

Moderator: Maciej Krawiec


Main Foyer / 45 minutes before each show / Entrance upon presentation of a valid ticket to the show



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