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On Friday, 11 May 2018 (7 pm), the Wrocław Opera will host the premiere of ?Polish Night,? a double bill for all admirers of Polish music and dance. The presentation features two choreographic pieces set to the music of Polish composers. The night will open with Emil Wesołowski?s choreography, accompanied by Fryderyk Chopin?s Piano Concert in F minor. Speaking of his inspirations for the first piece of Polish Night, Wesołowski admitted, ?I went with imagination and the emotions sparked by the accompanying music. I saw images which I tried to transpose on stage. I created two main characters, which may be interpreted as a married couple at odds with each other. In fact, the woman is pushed around by the man. The third party in the piece is the imaginer, a certain ideal. It is the woman?s mirage of the perfect man that she desires and is attracted to.?


The second choreography of the night has been developed by Teresa Kujawa, who translated Wojciech Kilar?s Exodus into the language of dance. Using the piece written by Kilar as his personal commentary on the impulse behind the ?Solidarity? movement, the artist has created a universal story of good and evil, two inalienable components of human reality. In Kujawa?s own words, ?the point of view for the piece was the title. Exodus, i.e. a departure, a vital point in history, a temporal caesura which begins something. I reached for the Biblical story of Adam and Eve as the beginning of humanity. Along with the first people, evil came to life as an inalienable element of this world. Therefore one of the images that the audience will witness is that of a concentration camp as the symbol of the ultimate evil that humans have perpetrated on one another.?


Fryderyk Chopin?s Piano Concerto in F minor op.21:

Conductor: Marcin Nałęcz-Niesiołowski

Piano: Julia Kociuban

Choreography and stage design concept: Emil Wesołowski

Assistant choreographer: Renata Smukała

Costumes: Marta Fiedler

Lighting design: Bogumił Palewicz


She- Dajna Kłos, Natsuki Katayama, Rina Shimada

He ? Łukasz Ożga, Daniel Agudo Gallardo

Mirage ? Robert Kędziński, Andrzej Malinowski, Timothy Leonard


Wojciech Kilar?s Exodus:

Conductor: Marcin Nałęcz-Niesiołowski

Piano: Anita Tashkinova, Ivan Zhukov

Chorography: Teresa Kujawa

Artistic coach of the revival: Jacek Tyski

Revival developed by: Jacek Tyski, Anna Szopa-Kimso, Piotr Oleksiak

Stage design based on the idea by Władysław Wigura

Costumes: Marta Fiedler



Eve ? Magdalena Kurilec-Malinowska, Dajna Kłos

Adam ? Robert Kędziński, Łukasz Ożga

Satan ? Won June Choi, Andrzej Malinowski

Choir, Orchestra and Ballet of the Wrocław Opera


Premiere: 11 May 2018





Developed as part of the centenary of Polish independence.


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