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23 submissions came in from Polish artists willing to perform at the 15th International Solo Duo Dance Festival in Budapest. Selection was made based on video recordings. Three submissions were not considered due to lack of video material. Having watched 20 presentations, the jury, comprising Anna Piotrowska, István Pálosi, and Márk Fenyves, qualified five works for the next stage of the Solo Duo Dance Festival Budapest 2014, including three solos and two duos:

1. Aleksandra Bożek-Muszyńska,I know N’. Thing

2. Aleksandra Holesz,proformer

3. Maciej Kuźmiński,Repeat after me

4. Joanna Miś-Fudali, Marta Pańka,Whispering

5. Katarzyna Kania, Piotr Stanek,Bad dancing – good art

Anna Piotrowska will conduct dance workshops for the festival’s participants this year and will perform during the jubilee gala on Saturday, 11 January 2014, debuting her work inner goodgoodbyesset to Michał Mackiewicz’s music.

The finals of the 15th International Solo Duo Dance Festival in Budapest will take place on 8-12 January 2014 at MU Theatre (Budapest, XI. Kőrösy József u. 17).

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