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Crearte3 Group from Mexico starts on 14 May 2016 a tour of Poland with its performance Szept w moim oku / Whisper in My Eye choreographed by Małgorzata Haduch. The project is a result of Haduch?s artistic residency at the Centro de Las Artes in San Luis Potosi in Mexico, with support from the Adam Mickiewicz Institute/ The presentations will be accompanied by workshops for dancers and choreographers.


About the project


In 2015 Haduch worked with professional dancers from Queretaro, Jalisco, Pachuca and San Luis Potosi. The performance seeks choreographic tools for transforming the experience of dance from what can be seen to what can be perceived with the sense of hearing. However, instead of sound, this choreography focuses on silence, and movement is born out of two musical forms ? whisper and noise. The soundtrack features nothing but voice, and references to Polish and Mexican culture are intertwined in a surprising and slightly romantic way. The dance composition uses the methods of movement creation developed and collected by Haduch during a series of performances titled Free The Dance. The piece is influenced by the personal experience of Haduch who spent her childhood in Mexico.


Whisper in My Eye performances in Poland: Łódź (20 May, Movement Stage); Cracow (22 May, Contemporary Dance Stage), Warsaw (24 May, Studio Dance Stage), Wrocław (27 May, Laboratory of Movement ECC 2016 / Let the Artists (NOT) Die. Exchange)


Whisper in My Eye is the first project in which Haduch combines her professional and artistic interests with the recollections from the Mexican phase of her life. As a result, the choreography is inspired by both Mexican folk dances and by tender Polish songs.


The Embassy of Mexico in Poland is the tour?s honorary patron.


Ambasada Meksyku w Polsce logo (miniaturka)




Special thanks to


Kinga Grzechulska (Embassy of Mexico), Irais Verastegui (Crearte3), Marcin Skalski (Skalski Dance School), Jadwiga Majewska, Adam Kamiński, Piotrek and Zbyszek (Eszeweria Apartments), Maja Molska and Irad Mazliah (Warsaw Dance Department), Joanna Orłowska (Hurtownia Ruchu), Michał Ratajski, Anna Królica, Magda Wasińska (Bal), Elżbieta and  Joanna Haduch, Jadwiga Kubik, Filip and Feliks Molski.


Choreography and concept: Małgorzata Haduch

Performers: Jesús Eduardo Rocha Montes, Mariana Vázquez Omana, Edna Rodríguez López, Joel Olvera López, Casandra Espinosa Reyes, Rafael Becerra (Crearte3 / Mexico)

Partners: Centro de Las Artes de San Luis Potosi Danza

Production: Irais Verastegui


Workshops for dancers and choreographers


The workshops focus on the practice of contemporary dance and methods of creating choreography applied by Crearte3. The classes will be held in three Polish cities. The teachers will include Eduardo Rocha Montes, Mariana Vázquez Omana, Cassandra Espinosa Reyes, Rafael Becerra and Małgorzata Haduch. Eduardo will provide a parkour warm-up, Mariana will run a contemporary dance class, Cassandra will share her experience in researching bodily dramaturgy of sound, while Rafa and Małgorzata will run an improvisation class based on composition methods used in the performance Whisper in My Eye.


21 May, Łódź, 11 am?4 pm

Szwalnia Theatre


23?26 May, Warsaw

classes with Warsaw Dance Department students


25 May, Warsaw, 4?6 pm

Flying Low ? Studio Dance Stage / Studio Theatre

registration: until 20 May


28 May, Cracow, 2?8 pm

Hurtownia Ruchu



Contact / reservations:

 tel. 794 157 665




30 May, Cracow, 8 pm

Free The Dance ? dance improvisation with live music


Performers: Crearte3 (Mexico), Aneta Jankowska, Piotr Skalski and Małgorzata Haduch

Music: Paulina Owczarek, Wiktor Krzak and Kuba Rutkowski

Bal na Zabłociu club

9 Ślusarska St.



Performance trailer

Workshop?s video


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