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Aleksandra Borys will be an artistic resident of the Old Brewery in Poznańfrom 8 to 15 March. During her residency, Aleksandra Boryswill seek to further investigate her two fascinations, namely the art of Richard Long and Edward Lorenz’s Chaos Theory. She finds Long’s work interesting for his treatment of movement as a measure of time and space, his use of natural materials only, and the fact that travelling is creative material for him. Lorenz’s theory is appealing for Borys as it proclaims that even the most subtle change brought about by external factors in a given time or place may have far-fetching consequences. That is why the artist wants the gallery’s visitors to exert influence on her work.

Borys’ residency will conclude with a public performance on 15 March 2014 (5 pm), taking place at the Art Stations Gallery as part of the For Each Gesture Another Character exhibition, which opens the tenth year of the Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk, bringing together for the first time its exhibition and performative programmes. In the course of the exhibition, the Art Stations Gallery’s space turns into stage for three young choreographers: Magdalena Ptasznik, Aleksandra Borys and Anna Steller, who will take turns as Art Stations’s residents. Their temporary interventions at the gallery will be a reference to the works on display and their common motifs. Each of the three residencies will end with a public performance whose departure point will be understanding drawing as a physical, if ephemeral, trace of body movement in space.

Performance by the next resident:

26 April 2014, 5 pm, the Art Stations Gallery

Anna Steller

About the exhibition

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