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Between 5 September and 11 October, Poznań?s CK ZAMEK/ZAMEK Culture Centre will host Ania Nowak?s artistic residence entitled Love as a Strategy for Generating Knowledge and Spending Time. The residence takes up love as a political category which establishes various ways of understanding the world and cultivating social relations.


From the artist:

During my research residence at the ZAMEK Culture Centre, together with the invited guests and the audience we will conduct a critical examination of love, its representations in contemporary culture, and its potential as a stimulus for innovative reflection and action. I am interested in the possibilities of spending time together nowadays ? among them conversation, silence, cooperation, participation in cultural events ? and the strategies for negotiating the boundaries between the intimate and the public. In my work I approach love as an inclusive, continuously reinvented phenomenon, unbiased to age, gender, sexual orientation, personal convictions or physical activity, which allows me to transcend the stereotypical perception of love as a domain of romanticism or obligation. The question posed in this context is: What can we still learn about love (and one another) today if we treat it as a practice of improvisation and openness towards the unknown.  


Invitation to meet with the artist-in-residence 

? Feelings are facts,? wrote choreographer Yvonne Rainer many years ago. As part of her residence Love as a Strategy for Generating Knowledge and Spending Time, Ania Nowak would like to invite all interested parties to talk about love:

What I mean is to meet with anyone interested to talk about the subject of love, at a place and time chosen by those willing to engage in the conversation. Rather than resembling a traditional interview, our conversation will help us learn more on each other by touching upon the topics I have proposed, and by adapting them to your needs, interests, and your willingness to share. I would like to encounter people of different age and personal backgrounds, those who reside in Poznań or are staying here on their way elsewhere, people who are willing to share their experience and reflections on various forms of love. I do not seek experts in the field. Instead, I am interested in learning about how your/our perception of love combine private and general knowledge. Our conversations will be documented using a sound recorder and will be published solely upon your permition. 


Everyone interested in participating in the project may contact the artist by sending an e-mail to:

On Saturday, 5 September (6:30 pm), Ania Nowak will present her performance Exercising attention #5. Ćwiczenia uważności at the ZAMEK Cultural Centre?s Balcony Hall. The show will be presented as part of the artist?s residence at the ZAMEK Cultural Centre. The eponymous exercises in attention is addressed at both the audience and the performer. Within the concept, dance reflects the movement of thought: continuous and nursed by stimuli provided by the body-mind.


Ania Nowak  is a choreographer of thought, language and situations. At present she is focused on the temporal aspect of performing arts, and love as a form of improvisation and generation of knowledge. She stresses the importance of participation in informal structures of exchange and cooperation with other young artists, and strives to develop feminist practices. Nowak studied philology at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow and choreography at Berlin?s Inter-University Center for Dance (HZT). Her works were presented at the Tanztage Berlin 2015, Akademie der Kuenste, Uferstudios and Neukoellner Oper in Berlin, as well as in Amsterdam, Barcelona and Stockholm. She worked as choreographer for the opening ceremony of the First European Games in Azerbaijan. She is the recipient of the scholarships of the City of Cracow, Institute of Music and Dance, and the Danceweb program (awarded as part of the ImpulsTanz festival in Vienna).


More on the residence:,pl,454,7056.html

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