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This year the Malta Festival in Poznań (24-29 June, and Generator Malta – until 20 July) includes numerous showcases of contemporary dance, either as part of the series Old Brewery New Dance at Malta Festival [Stary Browar Nowy Taniec na Malcie],or the Idiom “Oh Man, Oh Machine”, as well as during free performances at Wolności Square as part of Generator Malta. The Old Brewery New Dance at Malta Festival series will embrace works of choreographers operating in different areas of contemporary art. Their projects escape genre classifications, forcing audiences to step off the beaten track and set out on an exciting journey across a world where choreography does not only mean “dance writing” as its etymology dictates, but also, or perhaps above all, “writing with dance” of bodies, objects, images, ideas, associations, memories… First off will be Tableaux Vivants, a coproduction by Anne Juren, visual artist Roland Rauschmeier and Austria’s composer Johannes Maria Staud. In the piece, dancers’ bodies coexist with paintings, sculptures and video art, conjuring up “living images” that throb with energy.

The Idiom will include performances from young Japanese artist Mikiko Kawamura; Cindy van Acker, who works in Flanders and Switzerland and has cooperated with R. Castelluci; and Vincent Dupont of France. The audiences will also be treated to productions bordering on physical theatre and performance.

One of the most important performances outside of the Idiom is the production by Meg Stuart and the ensemble Damaged Goods & Müncher Kammerspiele – Built to last, which is a confrontation of a group of dances wit the “totality” of classical and contemporary music.

The programme of Old Brewery New Dance at Malta Festival

Dance at Malta Festival

Theatre at Malta Festival

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