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On Saturday, 12 October 2013 at 8 pm in Poznań (Poznań International Fair Hall 2, ul. Głogowska 14) the Polish Dance Theatre (PTT) is presenting the 7th episode of its jubilee series XL. Polski Teatr Tańca wczoraj i dziś[Polish Dance Theatre Yesterday and Today], which celebrates the company’s 40 years of existence. Titled Tango wczoraj i dziś [Tango Yesterday and Today], Saturday’s episode will feature a jubilee version of Tango z Lady M[Tango with Lady M.], as well as fragments of Transss… Nieprawdziwe zdarzenie progresywne [Transss… An Unreal Progressive Event], an impressive piece overflowing with allusions and grotesque associations referencing to one of Witold Gombrowicz’smost prominent works, Trans-Atlantyk, +- Skończoność[+-Finity], and Śmierć Izoldy[The Death of Isolde]. The former three are Ewa Wycichowska’s choreographies, the latter was created by Conrad Drzewiecki.

On Sunday, 13 October (8 pm) PTT will present Hello, Stranger! at Poznań’s MP2. The piece premiered during the 10th International Dance Festival. Its production was supported by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, which awarded Paweł Malicki, its creator, a Młoda Polska [Young Poland] scholarship. Hello, Stranger! explores the issue of the Other, and is addressed to adult audiences.

About Tango z Lady M.

The inspiration for the piece comes not only from Shakespearian motifs, among which Lady Macbeth holds the central role, but also draws on the ancient myth of Medea and contemporary occurrences. However, we are not interested in the history and apotheosis of a crime. The tragedy and irony of human fate becomes a starting point for a reflection on the essence of good and evil, individual vs. collective, responsibility for one’s actions and forgiveness of wrongdoings, also in the present day. Dance becomes not only a means of expression but a means of communication for the characters in the piece. The key motif is the tango, a dance infused with passion and expression, a theatre of our souls, a powerful fusion of the sacred and profane. Tango z Lady M.[Tango with Lady M.] is also an invitation to start a conversation on the fact that the end of the millennium does not have to mean the end of our shared and individual world.

The production received the Buława Hetmańska award at the 25th Theatre Summer festival in Zamość, Poland.

idea and choreography: Ewa Wycichowska
music: Leszek Możdżer, Astor Piazzolla
stage design and costumes: Maria Balcerek
duration: 60 minutes
premiere: 28 January 2000
original cast: Andrzej Adamczak, Karina Adamczak-Kasprzak, Agnieszka Błacha, Piotr Chudzicki, Adriana Cygankiewicz, Anna Gruszka-Kopeć, Anna Marek, Iwona Pasińska, Elwira Piorun, Bartłomiej Raźnikiewicz, Adrian Rzetelski, Daniel Stryjecki, Ewa Sobiak, Konrad Stefański, Shuji Waseda, Paulina Wycichowska

You may buy tickets at PTT’s offices (ul. Kozia 4) and on
Prices: PLN 30/15

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