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Magdalena Ptasznik will be the first artist to take part in a residency programme held in conjunction with the exhibition For Each Gesture Another Character at the Old Brewery in Poznań. Her residency will last from 8 to 14 February 2014, and will conclude on 15 February (5 pm) with a performance at the Art Stations Gallery, in the exhibition space now exploring the relationship between drawing and movement. Two other young Polish choreographers to follow Ptasznik are Aleksandra Borys and Anna Steller.

Each of the three artists is going to stage a temporary intervention at the gallery, making a reference to the works on display and their common motifs: meandering lines, fleeting gestures and lasting signs. Each of the three residencies will end with a public performance whose departure point, in line with the exhibition’s idea, will be the understandings of drawing as a physical, if ephemeral, trace of movement in space. This way the artists will be able to look at the drawing gesture in a broader perspective and in the context of choreographic tradition and practice.

About Magdalena Ptasznik’s residency:

Edward Krasiński’s blue line is running on the surface, without penetrating the depths, meanings, symbols. Instead, it operates in the sphere of spatial relations, materiality, all that may be perceived. I’m interested in the simplicity and power of this gesture – a gesture that activates perception. What if we make the object of our work the very event of two surfaces meeting, touching, clashing, rubbing against each other, or scratching, marking or disrupting each other? What characteristics of the body/objects will these events reveal, what will they activate, how will they transform the way they are perceived, or experienced?

About Magdalena Ptasznik

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