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On Saturday, 7 December (8 pm) the ZAMEK Culture Centre in Poznań (ul. Św. Marcin 80/82) hosts the last event of the performance art programme Archive of the Body [Archiwum ciała]curated by Anna Królica. Martin Nachbar’s Urheben/Aufhebenis an attempt to reconstruct the seriesAffectos Humanosof German choreographer Dore Hoyer, called the last representative of expressionist dance. Nachbar has been focusing on Hoyer’s legacy for more than a dozen of years now, looking not even to reconstruct her phenomenal technique, but concentrating on the process of excavatingknowledge about a choreography and the questions and difficulties emerging when one tries to translate a choreography from one body to another.

Nachbar has long been dealing with conceptual dance, underscoring not only its intellectual but also comical potential. InUrheben/Aufhebenhe utilises the form of lecture demonstration to give a 50-minute quasi-talk about his choreographic searches.Urheben/Aufhebenwas invited to the German Dance Platform 2010 in Nuremberg, a considerable honour for a choreographer and a piece.

choreography and performance: Martin Nachbar, lighting design: Wassan Ali, sound: Susanne Beyer

Tickets:PLN 15, 20

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