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As every year, Art Stations Foundation presents the Old Brewery New Dance (OBND) programme at the Malta Festival Poznań. This year the project will be held on 18?26 June 2016. Its idea is a reference to the festival?s idiom The Paradox of the Spectator, which was mentioned by Joanna Leśnierowska, the programme?s curator at Malta 2016. First of all, it asks the question if contemporary choreography can change the world. In the times of crises of democracy, can this ?most democratic of arts?, as it is often referred to, provide us with some special remedies? Can it deliver alternative scenarios? She proposes to see choreography as a space in which the activated, exploring, experimenting, and, most of all, experiencing spectator does not succumb to any judgments or arbitrary opinions, so as not to surrender to any authority, constraint or oppression.


The festival will feature performances created within the Solo Project Plus 2015 (Paweł Sakowicz?s TOTAL and Agnieszka Kryst?s Partytura / Score) and during the artistic residencies accompanying the Let?s Dance exhibition in 2015 (5 rzeczy albo kilka twierdzeń o choreografii / 5 Things or A Few Statements About Choreography by Marta Ziółek; HYPERDANCES by Agata Siniarska; and Nowe nieskończone solo na obuwie sportowe, czas przeszły i grupę osób / New Unfinished Solo for Sneakers, Past Tense and a Group of people by Przemek Kamiński and Mateusz Szymanówka), as well as works by artists participating in Aerowaves TOP 2016 festival (noish ~[zamęt z umiarem] / noish ~[chaos with moderation] by Marysia Zimpel, Staying Alive by Jasny L. Vinovrski, and Elvedon by Christos Papadopoulos and Leon & the Wolf). For the second time since its November 2015 premiere, Renata Piotrowska-Auffret?s performance Common will be presented (production: Art Stations Foundation).


As part of OBND at Malta 2016 project and the Alternative Dance Academy, dancers will have the opportunity to take part in a coaching session (27 June?1 July 2016) run by Andrew Morrish, an independent performer, researcher, mediator and outstanding teacher of improvisation, who works in Europe and Australia. Also, a feedback workshop for spectators, theorists and practitioners will be offered by Bush Hartshorn. Its aim is to increase the awareness of the role of feedback in the creative process and the artist?s development. It will also ask questions about when and how offering and accepting feedback may be particularly useful and effective.


Another interesting event, a meeting of the Poznań Reading Group, will open this year?s OBND programme at Malta. The group will perform joint reading of a well-known text by French philosopher Jacques Ranci?re whose postulates were the starting point for this year?s festival idiom. While reading The Emancipated Spectator (in Polish), the participants will reflect on the possible positions of the spectator toward the art. Joint reading and a discussion will be a great opportunity for learning more about the curator?s idea for this year?s festival.


In reference to this year?s Malta idiom, the Old Brewery will host actions without a clear division into the artists and the audience. The German duo Deufert & Plischke will present a performance titled Niemandszeit. Peter Pleyer, in collaboration with visual composer Michiel Keuper and video artist Andre Keiz, will offer an intervention-improvisation event I SEE RED. Choreographer Ben J. Riepe will provide a space for sensual perception during the Choreographic Dinner. Bush Hartshorn (Britain) will run workshops on providing and receiving feedback designed for anyone interested ? art practitioners and theorists, as well as the audience.




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