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The 10th International Dance Theatres Festival will see the premiere of Hello, Stranger!with choreography by Paweł Malicki to be performed by the Polish Dance Theatre on the stage of Teatr Dnia Ósmego on 18 and 19 August. The production of the piece has been supported with a “Moda Polska” [Young Poland] scholarship from the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

The piece draws inspiration from a text by Polish poet Monsignor Józef Tischner Inny [The Other], which reads “The Other’s Otherness reveals my own otherness. The Otherness is mutual (…) bringing about new surprises continuously (…)”. The piece’s pre-premiere took place at February’s Atelier festival, yet the choreographer claims that since then the piece has changed considerably. Now the audiences will be treated to Bartosz Dziadosz’s live musical arrangements; also the cast and the visual design is new.

Choreography: Paweł Malicki

Music: Alva Noto, Marino Marini, Nicola Porpora (performed by Cecilia Bartoli), Grimes, Rebekah

del Rio, G. F. Händel, DJ Mazz, Go Koyashiki, Bartosz Dziadosz

Lighting director: Ewa Garniec

Stage and costume design: Adriana Cygankiewicz

Music arranged by Bartosz Dziadosz

Cast: Artur Bieńkowski, Zbigniew Kocięba, Katarzyna Kulmińska, Kornelia Lech, Paweł

Malicki, Daniel Navarro Lorenzo, Josefine Patzelt

Duration: ca 50 min

The performance uses a stroboscope (fast flashing light). For adults only.

Młoda Polska mini (miniaturka)

Participants of Dancing Poznań, which is an umbrella event embracing the 10th International Dance Theatres Festival, are entitled to discount tickets priced at PLN 15.

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