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The 7th Atelier Festival is taking place on 25?26 April 2014. Organised by the Polish Dance Theatre (PTT), the event will host premiere performances from the company?s dancers: Agnieszka Fertała, Paweł Malicki, Urszula Bernat-Jałocha, Andrzej Adamczak, and Josefine Patzelt, with Bernat-Jałocha and Patzelt debuting as choreographers. The festival is taking place at the MP2 hall of the Poznań International Fair. Held at the end of April, the event is an annual celebration of young choreographers? work, for whose benefit the Atelier of the Polish Dance Theatre was set up in 1999 as a space where they can search for their own artistic ways, both as performers and as creators of choreography, stage design and music.


Preceding the performances of the first day will be the launch of Stefan Drajewski?s book titled Conrad Drzewiecki. Reformator polskiego baletu [Conrad Drzewiecki: Reformer of Polish Ballet] hosted by Jagoda Ignaczak, at which the author will be present. Starting at 6 pm.


Tickets to the 7th Atelier Festival may be bought from the PTT impresario?s office (ul. Kozia 4, Poznań) or on


Programme of the 7th Atelier Festival:


Friday, 25 April

6 pm ? Launch of Conrad Drzewiecki. Reformator polskiego baletu

8 pm ? Performance premieres: Hello, My Friend! (choreography: Paweł Malicki), Need Me (choreography: Andrzej Adamczak), SUMO (choreography: Agnieszka Fertała)


Saturday, 26 April

8 pm ? Performance premieres: Absurdities of Life in More Than 2 Acts (choreography: Josefine Patzelt), Nondescript ( choreography: Urszula Bernat-Jałocha)


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