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On 29 May (7 pm), marking the exact centenary of the world premiere of The Rite of Spring (Paris, 29 May 1913), the “Zamek” Culture Centre in Poznań (ul. Św. Marcin 80/82) is presenting the premiere of Święto wiosny <6,6/66> [The Rite of Spring <6.6/66>]. The project’s idea is bringing together amateurs (representing two age groups: older-age persons +66 and children -6.66) and professional artists dealing with dance, music and graphic design to explore methods of releasing one’s bodily and mental creativity to create a new, discursive interpretation of Igor Stravinsky’s work and the myth of sacrificial offering. The participants – 24 older-age persons and 11 children – were selected in an audition held in January 2013. During workshops spanning over ten weeks the participants produced a body of work in the form of audio, choreographic and visual material, which become an integral part of the final performance. This way each of the participants had a chance to make a unique contribution as regards the shape and form of the final result of the undertaking. The project’s conception and music composition comes from Iwona Pasińska, the sound composition from – Zbigniew Łowżył, while the visual composition from – Monika Kuczyniecka.

In the sound sphere, the show will solely feature the voices and sounds made by the participants and their bodies based on Stravinsky’s score. In the visual aspect the main role will be played by plasticine creations made by the participants during the workshops, which will be used to make a stop motion film and as elements of the stage design. The choreographic layer will be the product of creative improvisation –working with own body, a partner, an object, sound and space – on the theme and tasks resulting from a dialogical attitude towards Stravinsky’s libretto (Part I – Adoration of the Body, Part II – The Sacrifices.

The project was produced as part of the “Laboratorium” programme of artistic residences at the “Zamek” Culture Centre.

Admission: free passes may be collected at the box offices of the “Zamek” Culture Centre starting from 26 May.

Production team:

Conception, composition of movement: Iwona Pasińska

Sound composition: Zbigniew Łowżył

Visual composition: Monika Kuczyniecka

Dramaturgy composition: Radek Wysocki

Sound production: Dawid Janczak

Assistant choreographers: Duško Stamenić, Piotr Chudzicki

Production: Alina Kubiak

Organisational assistance: Monika Zembrzycka, Barbara Ciach

Organiser, producer:“Zamek” Culture Centre in association with the Movements Factory Foundation

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