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On Friday, 24 January 2014 (7 pm) Old Brewery New Dance (Studio Słodownia + 3) presents an open presentation of the work developed in the course of Tony Orrico’s coaching session held as part of the Alternative Dance Academy (AAT). The workshop’s point of departure was Hand Movie, a choreography by Yvonne Rainer, recorded on camera by William Davis in 1966 (8mm,5:00, silent film), which Orrico calls an arbitrary appropriation of the work and a tribute to the legendary artist at the same time. The participants spent a few days implementing and discussing the physical symmetry practice conceived by Orrico, which he describes as “a way to balance and prepare the body to enter the unknown. In this practice I probe the possibilities of using proprioceptive feedback, i.e. one that comes from the inside of the body, to explore and navigate its internal and mental spaces.”

On Saturday, 25 January (5 pm) the Art Stations Gallery hosts Tony Orrico’s performancePenwald: 5: wrists on walk, in which he will “take his wrists for a walk” to create another piece in the Penwald Drawings series in which the choreography of his gestures stays within the sphere of the outstretched arms of the artist who is immersed in the meditative, repetitive practice following the inner impulses, which in this way manifest into a visible, physical form.


Open showing

Penwald 5: wrists on walk

Both events are part of the performance art programme presented as part of the exhibition For Each Gesture Another Character(Art Stations Gallery, Old Brewery in Poznań, ul. Półiwejska 42, 16 January – 4 May 2014)

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