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The winners of this year’s residence programme for young choreographers Solo Projects in Stary Browar (Art Stations Foundation) have been announced! For the third time these are independent female artists only: Baśka Gwóźdź, Korina Kordova and Agata Siniarska. In 2013 the artistic supervisor is Bush Hartshorn – art director of Dansehallerne in Copenhagen, dance curator, dramatist and performer who has selected together with the curator of the programme Joanna Leśnierowska three artists-in- residence and supports them in the creative process.

Artistic supervisor
Bush Hartshorn / UK
Having been a lorry driver for many years, Bush studied theatre at Dartington College of Arts (graduate of 1982). Since then he has been working as a dramatist, performer, festival curator and art director of culture institutions in the UK, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland, and recently Denmark where he was the art director of Dansehallerne Copenhagen. In 2009 Bush also completed a coaching Relational Dynamics course which considerably developed his work as a mentor/supervisor of young artists. Apart from that all and despite everything, Bush Hartshorn has always been a supporter of Liverpool Football Club.

Biographies of the artists in residence
Baśka Gwóźdź, independant dancer and choreographer. She graduated from Vocal and Ballet Studio of the Musical Theatre in Gliwice and in Cultural Studies/culture management. She also studied at the Ludwik Solski State Drama School (PWST) in Cracow, at the Faculty of Dance Theatre in Bytom. She is a co-organizer of the Festival “Żywe Kultury Ruchu” – Cyrkulacje and was an assistant producer of Deltebre Dansa Festival in Spain. She won a scholarship from Alternative Dance Academy in Stary Browar, Poznań. An apprentice of ZAR Theatre at the Grotowski Institute in Wrocław and participant of the Open University at the Grotowski Institute. She used to be professionally engaged in the project of Dance Stage at the Musical Theatre “Capitol” in Wrocław, and currently she joined Art Color Balet in Cracow.

Korina Kordova, dancer, choreographer, teacher. She graduated in journalism from Faculdade Cásper Líbero (Sao Paulo, BR). She worked as a dancer in her home country Brazil and the Netherlands, before she moved to Poland in 2005 to join the Silesian Dance Theatre. She was its member until 2012, working with many choreographers, including: Jacek Łumiński (PL), Anna Piotrowska (PL), Mihai Mihalcea (RO), Idan Cohen (ISR) and Kuik Swee Boon (SGP). Her works include: Mobile Variations (in collaboration with Polish composer Krzysztof Wołek), Night (in collaboration with American composer Allison Ogden), Karolina, Borderline. She also collaborated with Kokoro Dance (Canada), BalletMet (USA) and Samovarteateret (Norway). She won a scholarship from Alternative Dance Academy in 2012. Currently she lives in Warsaw where she develops an artistic group Flesh System together with Przemysław Kamiński.

Agata Siniarska a fictional character being created intentionally day after day in choreographic sequences, eagerly working on the idea of female personification. Having tried various theatre forms out, after many experiences she decided to study choreography at Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz in Berlin, although having always in mind past experiences and cultivating her desire for language, writing, cinema and animation. Being addicted to tall stories, Agata conducts inquiries as part of her subjective representations, written in pieces, with equally strong desire for concepts and clear contextualization. Each movement, fuelled by energy of deep theoretical groan, is made by Agata with passion and great fascination. Repeatedly, not solitarily, in a company of wonderful

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