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On Saturday, 5 October (7 pm) Poznań’s Stary Browar will host premieres of three solos which came to life as part of the Solo Project residency programme in 2013. This year’s artistic mentor has been Bush Hartshorn, artistic director of Dansehallerne Copenhagen, dance curator, dramaturge and performer. The 2013 Solo Project fellows have been: Korina Kordova, Agata Siniarska and Barbara Gwóźdź, making it the third year to feature female artists only.

Bush Hartshorn/ UK

After a long and distinguished career as a truck driver, Bush graduated from Dartington College of Arts in 1982 with a degree in Theatre Language. From that time onwards Bush has pursued a career as a community artist, dramaturge, performer , theatre programmer and artistic director in UK, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland and now Denmark where he is the Artistic Director of Dansehallerne Copenhagen. In 2009 he qualified as a coach in Relational Dynamics which has informed his work in mentoring dance artists. This has all been underpinned by a lifelong commitment to Liverpool Football Club.

I have been interested in the development of young artists since I was one myself, which now spans over 30 years. In 2009 I qualified as a Relational Dynamics coach. I found many of the techniques and principals of coaching to be extremely relevant in the process of mentoring young choreographers through attempts to make THEIR best work. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with these three young women and found their enthusiasm and commitment quite contagious. I hope that you to enjoy and appreciate their hard work that comes to its final fruition.

Bush Hartshorn, Artistic Director Dansehallerne Copenhagen Denmark

About the solos:

Baśka Gwóźdź “Destiny’s child”

Korina Kordova “on 8th boulevard. right after sinuous curves”

Agata Siniarska “Death 24 frames per second or do it to me like in a real movie – delayed choreography in chapters”

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