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This weekend the Art Stations Foundation is presenting shows and lectures on contemporary choreography as part of the month with performance art accompanying the PERFORMER exhibition. In leading role: Oskar Dawicki. On Sunday, 24 March at 2 pm Magdalena Ptasznik will deliver a lecture performance and workshop, followed at 5 pm by Maria F. Scaroni’s talk Oh Goddess… A talk on the exposure of the female body in performance focusing on female performance artists from 1970s until now. On Monday, 25 March at 7 pm Scaroni and Ptasznik will both take to the stage to present their works: Display, linking to Carolee Schneemann’s Interior Scroll (1975), and surface.territory, a show which came to life in Poznań as part of the Solo Projekt 2013 programme.


Magdalena Ptasznik: Lecture performance + workshop

24 March 2013 | 14:00 | Poznań: Studio Słodownia 3, Old Brewery, 42nd Półwiejska Street

duration: ca 1h30
admission free

Magdalena Ptasznik:„I would like to invite you for a journey, understood literally and metaforically, throgh a material landscape of our surrounding. During the lecture with practical workshop elements you will:seeexamples of how artists deal with space made of matter, objects, body and relations between them;experiencehow changing perspective changes perception and experiencing environment and body as well as think about mechanism which generate this kind of change;engageyourself into a game with your intuition setting yourself apart of well known, logical way of thinking to create installation – a new territory in a theatre space.”

Maria F. Scaroni Lecture: Oh Goddess… A talk on the exposure of the female body in performance

24 March

2013 | 17:00 | Poznań: Studio Słodownia 3, Old Brewery, 42nd Półwiejska Street

duration: ca 1h30
admission free

This open talk wants to provide a brief panoramic view, focusing on female performance artists, who with their work contributed to reframe the female body as subject in the arts. Their voices, textures, spells and sensual lectures seek the acknowledgement of different ways of generating knowledge and contribute to welcome the monstrous, the odd and the neglected, irritating what is socially accepted as ‘normal’.


Maria F. Scaroni: Display

25 March 2013 | 19:00 | Poznań: Studio Słodownia 3, Old Breweryr, 42nd Półwiejska Street

5- Organize dirt.
6- Decide if it is ink or make up.

An inner dialogue, a body manifesto, a dance work for the stage created by ‘monologuing’ with Interior Scroll (1975), by Carolee Schneemann. The scroll is a papyrus, a site of knowledge that she recognizes as internal, intuitive and sacred. She extracted a text our of her genitalia, after a ritual-like set up, including posing in the nude, reading, covering herself in mud.

Display attempts a reflection upon the ambition of the dancer body to integrate modes of knowledge making, merging a methodological and linear approach with an experiential, perceptual, radial way of proceeding via a ‘carnivalesque’ embodied discourse.It reflects upon the (female and dancer) body’s nuances of exposure, in a present state of becoming, weaving its lineages in this time where performance art and dance collide and move awkwardly forward. Plus necessary narcissism, healing work, an ignorant approach to creation and the unattainable distancing of life from art making.

Magdalena Ptasznik: surface.territory

25 March 2013 | 19:00 | Poznań: Studio Słodownia 3, Old Brewery, 42nd Półwiejska Street

surface.territoryis a choreography for space, the body, matter and time. In the show the performer enters and becomes part of a minimalist landscape stretched across the floor of a theatre hall. The performer travels across this landscape encountering objects/materials which she shapes and is also transformed by. It is in these encounters/interactions that the presence of the performer and of the matter (her partner) manifests.

Matter is treated here as the only experience that we share with full certainty. It does not serve solely as a decoration or background for human activity but, rather, the encounter with it is an important and intimate incident that contributes to our formation. “surface.territory” constitutes an open-ended question regarding “being in the world”, the significance of the material landscape in which we live and our relationship with it, as well as the possibility or impossibility of sharing the experience of reality. The show is an ephemeral sculpture in time; it is what a viewer can see and experience for as long as it lasts and nothing more.

Magdalena Ptasznik, performer, choreographer, graduate of School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam and Sociology at Warsaw University. She started her dance and performance practice in Warsaw where she studied with Anna Godowska and participated in many workshops. In 2007 she obtained a diploma of Contemporary Dance Instructor (Mazowieckie Centrum Kultury, Warszawa). In 2010 and 2011 she did a choreographic internships with La Ribot and Meg Stuart. In 2011 she received the danceWEB scholarship which take place in the frame of ImPulsTanz Festival in Vienna. She is the author of mainly solo works ( eg. “exercises for a Hero”, “secrets”). Nowadays constantly on the way, without home. She thinks about choreography as a tool for facilitating creation of different experience of time and space. She considers the body as a vehicle of this experience.

choreography and performanceMagdalena Ptasznik
musicSzymon Kaliski
costumeMarysia Ciernioch
artistic mentorRia Higler
technical realizationŁukasz Kędzierski
productionArt Stations Foundation

Tickets (15/10 PLN) available at the information desks in the Old Brewery’s Arcade and Atrium

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