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William Petit is returning to Warsaw after his 2005 collaboration with the Polish Dance Theatre ? the multidisciplinary Désordre presented at the Malta Festival. This time he is going to showcase Solistice, developed as part of the nomadic creative process he calls The Spring Rituals, and run 3-day workshops together with Rosine Feferman. Petit and Feferman?s visit to Warsaw will also be an occassion to see films and photographs documenting the journeys they undertake in connection to the project. Solstice is an amazing duet of French choreographer, director, performer William Petit and double bass player Rosine Feferman. The performance is a concert/dance act, which will be developed and shown within three evenings: July 14th-16th, at 8 p.m. in Republika Sztuki Tłusta Langusta (ul. Gwarna 11). The audience is invited to follow the entire process of the performance?s development.


Solstice is a land of interaction, a land of silence, a land where resonance becomes a matter that highlightsthe finest details, gestures and sounds. It?s a fragile territory where the two performers take the audience on a journey through memories of places they?ve passed through, perceptions and sensations they?ve experienced and shared. It is a platform where music and dance meet and where the complexity of relations triggered by actions combines with pleasure and humor.


Solstice is a part of The Spring Rituals, a nomadic process of creating performances/multidiscipline installations, developed in Mexico, Morocco, Tunisia, Spain, France, Finland, the USA, and Poland. Being part of The Spring Rituals, Solistice is a platform that stimulates collaborations with local artists who want to join in the project and experiment with their material, while focusing on relations between  dance and music.


Ticktes: PLN 15

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