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Dances with Camera is an international competition for the best short films focusing on the subject of dance, motion, physicality, and the pursuit of unrestrained forms of expression. The competition showcase took place on 24 and 25 March 2015 at Studio Słodownia +3 at Old Brewery in Poznań. The contest is part of the Short Waves Festival 2015, which ended on 29 March 2015. Having watch all the 21 contending films, the jury members ? Andrea Keiz (Germany), Julia Hoczyk (Poland), and Agnieszka Obszańska (Poland) ? awarded prizes to three films: BEATING directed by Kari Sulc &Tereza Hradlikova (First Prize, PLN 3000); WannaBe directed by Jessica Taylor (Second Prize, PLN 2000), and OFF GROUND directed by Boudewijn Koole & Jakop Ahlbom (Third Prize, PLN 1000). Their reasoning is posted below.


The audience award (PLN 1500) went to OFF GROUND directed by Boudewijn Koole, Jakop Ahlbom.


Out of the films presented out of the competition ? as part of Dances with Camera Overtime ? the audience voted Juan J. Ochoa’s Evocation as the best one.




First Prize: PLN 3000

BEATING directed by Kari Sulc, Tereza Hradilkova


The first prize goes to BEATING for applying choreographic ideas related to construction and rhythm (movement in time and space) in relation to boxing as a sport discipline. Due to repetitions, editing, framing and outstanding use of sound, BEATING transforms sports training into a dance. The piece also offers a different perspective on boxing thanks to outstanding camera work. In consequence, it breaks cultural and social stereotypes connected with masculinity. 


Second Prize: PLN 2000

WannaBe directed by Jessica Taylor


The second prize goest to WannaBe for an exceptional use of public space achieved thanks to inviting passers-by’s involvement,and, as a result, crossing the boundary between professional dancers and common people ? For redefining dance as a community of movement and a space where we can all meet in spite of existing differences and social divisions ? For approaching the problem of identity in a comprehensive way by means of dynamic editing (faces versus bodies) and contrasting scenography (boxes) with urban surroundings.


Third Prize: PLN 1000

OFF GROUND directed by Boudewijn Koole, Jakop Ahlbom


The third prize goes to OFF GROUND as a video dance presenting bodily communication between a woman and a boy, between maturity and youth ?. For a poignant and passionate vision of nonhierarchical cooperation which shows an incredibly wide spectrum of emotions and relations between the characters ? For an original and innovative use of scenography (a table) in the choreography and camera work (framing).


The jury would like to appreciate the use of special effects, enabled by the production’s large scale, that add a different dimension to this work.



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