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On 21-22 of March Dances with Camera will take place in Poznań as part of the Short Waves Festival 2017. This is an international competition for short films whose common denominators are dance, movement, and broadly defined physical expression. The competition is open to dance films, regardless of style and genre. Also welcome in the selection are documentaries and experimental forms combining various genres of film, visual arts, and media.


The two days of Dances with Camera 2017 competition presentations will feature screenings of two sets of films, whose common language involves dance, movement, and broadly defined physical expression. The selections for Dances with Camera have been made by Regina Lissowska-Postaremczak; the competition jury is comprised of Gábor Pintér, Koen Victoor and Andrzej Grabowski.


The leitmotif of this year?s edition of the festival is ?beyond borders?, which refers both to the process of blurring the boundaries between various fields of arts, and consumers and active users of culture; as well as the conventionality of geographic borders and such phenomena as the migration crisis, the globalization of the world?s economy and its consequences, or the new social phenomena situated solely in virtual reality.


Programme of Part I (21st of March, at 6.45 pm)

Programme of Part II (22nd of March, at 6.45 pm)




The Dances with Camera 2017 Competition is organised as part of the Short Waves Festival 2017 ? the 9th edition of the international short film festival, which will take place on 21-26 March 2017 in Poznań.


Organisers: Short Waves Festival, Fundacja Ad Arte, Kino Muza w Poznaniu

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