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Four pieces by the students of the Dance Theatre Department in Bytom (Stanisław Wyspiański National Academy of Theatre Arts in Kraków) will be presented as part of the Nové generace Festival in Prague. Apart from the presentations, the event will include workshops in Polish contemporary dance technique with the Dance Theatre Department lecturer Eryk Makohon. The festival will open on 24 November at 6 pm with a site-specific post-workshop presentation based on the idea and choreography by Eryk Makohon and Paweł Łyskawa. The presentation will take place at DAMU (Faculty of Theatre, Academy of Performing Arts in Prague).


The fifth edition of the festival showcasing the most intriguing dance pieces by Czech students and invited international artists will take place at the ALTA Studio in Prague (Výstaviště 21) on 24-26 November 2017.


The Dance Theatre Department in Bytom will be represented by third-year students  Sebastian Wiertelak and Zuzanna Żylińska, and fourth-year student Karolina Kardasz.


As part of the festival, the Dance Theatre Department will present the following pieces:


I?d rather
Author: Anna Obszańska
Performer: Karolina Kardasz

Developed as a post-workshop project as part of Sustaining Creative Directions in Partnership with Jack Gallagher.


The projects tackles the notion of loneliness resulting from the strong desire to be close with another person. It leads to the creation of an illusory reality and a life within the confines of one?s microcosm. Sooner or later, though, this microcosm collapses under the weight of actual reality, which destroys the illusion and forces us to cope with loneliness. The project has been developed based on single actions morphed into movement monodrama.


Author and performer: Sebastian Wiertelak
Developed as a post-workshop project as part of Power Technique with Patricia Van Deutekom


The piece invites the audience to follow an individual, surrounded by other humans, metamorphoses into a caged bird. The animal is not aware that it is being observed by the public. It thinks of itself as free and able to do whatever it wants. As the bird recognizes that it is not alone in the room, it tries to look for an escape route. Unfortunately, it fails, since its vision has been narrowed for so long that it is no longer capable of perceiving the world outside the cage. Once it becomes aware of this fact, it is already too late.


Tak, mam duże…[Yes, I have big?]
Author: Zuzanna Żylińska
Performers: Zuzanna Żylińska and Sebastian Wiertelak
Developed as a post-workshop project as part of Power Technique with Patricia Van Deutekom


The project ponders the ways to sacrifice superficially important things in favour of something larger. In my experience so far, many people are aware they should get rid of something that prohibits their growth. It is often something we do not want to part from. Something to which we are emotionally attached, or which makes us happy. Sometimes it cannot be physically removed. Still, one should try and seek compromise or other ways to deal with such issues. The piece takes on this notion using the most adequate tools?such as the connection between the body and the floor, partnering and support, and the centre of the body?which are used in Power Technique workshops.


work in …
Author and performer: Karolina Kardasz
Developed as a post-workshop project as part of Power Technique with Patricia Van Deutekom


Can seemingly incoherent actions amount to unity? Is everything always well thought-out, or does coincidence sometimes have the upper hand? work in… is a piece woven of accidentality, governed by impulse, first impressions, first associations. It is a work in constant progress. Are we aware of how often our lives are governed by chance? And yet everything seems to be consistnent?




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