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Tuesday, 5 June (7:30 pm, Divadlo X10 in Prague, Czech Republic), will see the premiere of Liwia Bargieł?s latest piece, Body Bank. Subjected to the gaze of the audience, the performer?s body performs actions on stage that influence its physiology. The audience can observe the performer?s movement, but cannot sense her heightened pulse. They can notice perspiration on her forehead, but will not feel it on their own skin. The public can see what happens from the audience seats, and can only access the performance to the extent enabled by their sense of sight.


In the piece, the performer also observes her body, but her perspective is completely different from that of the audience. She thus attempts to regard herself from a distance, attempting to examine the behaviour and reactions of her body, which changes into an on-stage machine that obediently performs the assigned tasks.


The artist also undertakes to deform her body and changes its forms in ways that produce a sensation of oddity. Her goal is to present the body as a plastic object that, depending on its position, the gaze of the audience and, last  but not least  ? being in relation to itself ? changes its roles and spatial arrangements.


Body Bank is a journey within the body, which undergoes a transition from a macro scale  ? where the body shares its qualities with space  ? through a natural scale  ? where the body becomes an object-in-space  ? and concludes on a micro scale  ?where the body is a combination of interdependable components.


Performance: Liwia Bargieł

Direction and choreography: Liwia Bargieł

Dramaturgy: Paulina Ozga

Music and performance: Dominik Strycharski

Lighting and visuals: Marta Mielcarek

Production: Paulina Ozga

Developed in collaboration with Divadlo X10 in Prague.


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