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Professional Performing Arts Awards is a prestigious prize granted by the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture. The three nominees for 2020 feature two Polish artists: Robert Bondara ? nominated for his choreography Faustas at the Klaipeda State Music Theatre, and Maciej Kuźmiński ? nominated for his choreography of the contemporary performance entitled i, produced by Šeiko Dance Company and Maciej Kuźmiński Company. The third nominee in this category is Erika Vizbaraité for her choreography of Apnea (Breathlessness).  


The Lithuanian Ministry of Culture has selected 45 candidates for the Professional Performing Arts Awards 2020 out of 75 proposals: three nominees in each of the fifteen categories, including directing, choreography, stage design, music, video projections and acting. Krystian Lupa with his performance Austerlicas created at the Lithuanian State Youth Theatre (Valstybinis Jaunimo Teatras) is also among the nominated directors.


The awards ceremony will take place on International Theatre Day, i.e. 27 March, at the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre ( The event will be transmitted live.


Awards for 2020 will be given to creators of the most important works in the field of drama, opera, operetta and musical, ballet, dance, puppet theatre and object puppetry, children?s and youth theatre. And like every year, a maximum of seventeen awards will be granted.


The list of nominations was developed by a committee of nine experts representing the fields of theatre, dance, art and music: Margarita Alper, Silvija Čižait?-Rudokien?, Monika Jašinskait?, Lina Klusait?, Rasa Murauskait?, Martynas Petrikas, Evgeniya Shermeneva, Janina Stankevičien?, and Birut? Ukrinait?-Garbačiauskien?. 


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