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This year sees the 24th edition of the Lodz Ballet Festival. Since the first edition of the event in 1968, the Lodz Grand Theatre has hosted all of the world?s major ballet companies, and the festival itself – through carefully selected repertoire and performers – has become a uniqe platform for the confrontation of all things valuable, timely and noteworthy in ballet and dance theatre.


The programme of the 24th Lodz Ballet festival was constructed to convey the notion behind the festival, i.e. the idea of openness to what is new and valuable in the art of dance, while also paying tribute to the ballet classics.


The director of the Lodz Grand Theatre invited a number of exquisite international companies to participate in the 24th Lodz Ballet Festival, including the English National Ballet (UK; first visit to Poland), the newly-formed Cuban companz Acosta Danza (first visit to Poland), and the Akram Khan Company (UK). Debuting at the festival will be the Beijing-based BeijingDance/LDTX (China), and the Canadian RUBBERBANDance Group of Montreal. As has become traditional, the ballet company of the Lodz Grand Theatre will also present its premiere, Aram Khachaturian?s Spartacus choreographed by Emil Wesolowski. 


The Lodz Ballet Festival is a dance biennale with nearly 50 years of tradition. Over the years, the festival has become one of the finest and most prestigious ballet events in Poland. The idea behind the festival is to popularize ballet and contemporary choreographic achievements in classical dance and the various currents of contemporary dance. As the organiser of the festival, the Lodz Grand Theatre offers a diverse repertoire performed by some of the world’s best companies, enabling Polish audience to directly contact top international dancers and choreographers.


The rank and uniqueness of the Lodz Ballet Festival has been defined by the cornucopia of leading choreographers and companies which have performed at the festival, including Maurice Béjart, Alicia Alonso, John Neumeier, Jiří Kylian, William Forsythe, Daniel Ezralow, Boris Ejfman, Mats Ek, Birgit Cullberg, and many others, whose work has set trends in the contemporary development of choreography and, more generally, ballet. The list of companies hosted by the festival includes Maurice Béjart?s Ballet of the 20th Century, Nederlands Dans Theater, Sadler?s Wells, Royal Ballet, Ballet Rambert, Cullberg Ballet, Batsheva Dance Company, Moscow’s Bolshoi Theatre, Eifman Ballet of Saint Petersburg, Ballet Nacional de Cuba, Stuttgarter Ballett, Elisa Monte Dance Company, Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company, and the Akram Khan Company.


More about the presented pieces:


The Lodz Grand Theatre begins to sell tickets for the 24th Lodz Ballet Festival on 17 February 2017 (noon). Tickets will be available at:

– or  through mobile apps downloadable from 

– the Grand Theatre ticket office, from Monday to Saturday (12:00-7:00 pm) and on Sundays and holidays (performance nights only, 3:00-7:00 pm).


phone no.: +48 42 633 77 77


Books of tickets for the 24th Lodz Ballet Festival will go on sale on 17 February 2017 at the Grand Theatre. 

The number of books of tickets is limited (available until sold out).

Two options are available:

6 freely selected shows presented as part of the 24th Lodz Ballet Festival  

– PLN 500 (Section I)

– PLN 440 (Section II)

or, alternately, 3 freely selected shows presented as part of the 24th Lodz Ballet Festival (with a discount of PLN 15* for each ticket in Section I or Section II)


Bookis of tickets for the 24th Lodz Ballet Festival can be purchased solely at the Lodz Grand Theatre’s ticket office, from Monday to Saturday (12:00-7:00 pm) and on Sundays and holidays (performance nights only, 3:00-7:00 pm).


phone no.: +48 42 633 77 77


The above offer does not include the ballet premiere of the Lodz Grand Theatre.

The promotions do not combine.

* the discount is valid only with full-price tickets.





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