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On Monday, 20 January 2020 at 6 p.m., Ramona Nagabczyńska will present her solo entitled Body Parts within the 5. Performing New Europe (PNEU) Festival in Salzburg. The Festival has a bi-annual format and encompasses presentations of artists associated with the European Network apap (advancing performing arts project), of which Ramona Nagabczyńska is a part.


Other artists are: Erna O?marsdo?ttir (Iceland) ? she will present her solo work entitled IBM 1401 ? A User?s Manual (2002), Christina Ciupke and Boris Hauf (Germany) ? with Life and Death of a Melody, Marta Navaridas (Spain) ? with her newest work ONI?RICA that will have its world premiere in Salzburg, Cla?udia Dias (Portugal) ? who examines the topical issue of refugees and migration in her performance Tuesday: All that is solid melts into air, undertakes the topic of immigrants and migrants, Mette Edvardsen (Norway) ? with No Title, Lisa Vereertbrugghen (Belgium) ? with Softcore ? A Hardcore Encounter, Raquel Andre? (Portugal) ? with Collection of Artists, Claudia Lomoschitz and Alex Franz Zehetbauer (Austria) ? with Soft Skills/AyH or to find. The finale will be a revival of the legendary cult work The show must go on by Je?ro?me Bel, which SZENE remounted with local performers to celebrate its 50th anniversary.


PNEU will take place between 20 and 25 January 2020. The Festival?s line-up aims to reflect the thematic and aesthetic spectrum of the contemporary performing arts in myriad ways.


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Body Parts is the outcome of a choreographic fascination with the face. The performance looks into both its anatomy and physiology and its ability to be an ever-changing image which generates meaning, emotion and identity. Traditionally, the face is considered to be the interface of a human being?s psyche and its discourse is charged with romantic phrases. The face is a body part that we pay particular attention to and one which generates a great amount of empathy via motor neurones. Meanwhile, as with any other body part, its use and reception changes under the weight of history and specific cultural norm. Where did contemporary dance?s obsession with the neutral face come from and what is this neutral face? What is the connection between the grotesque and female subjectivity? What does the contemporary choreography of the face tell us about cultural oppression?


Choreography: Ramona Nagabczyńska

Dramaturgy: Mateusz Szymanówka & Agata Siniarska

Artistic Advice: Philippe Riéra

Music: Georges Bizet, Vincenzo Bellini, Mina, Prince

Costumes & Video: Nagi Gianni

Lightdesign: Jędrzej Jęcikowski

Text based on Paul Thomas Anderson

Photo: Witek Orski

Graficdesign: Jakub de Barbaro, based on the Cover of the album The Collection 3.0 by Mina

Production: Burdąg Foundation

Co-production: Centrum w Ruchu, CSW Zamek Ujazdowski, BUDA Kortrijk, Lublin Dance Theatre, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Komuna//Warszawa


Ramona Nagabczyńska is supported by the apap Network.

The project is co-funded by Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Ramona Nagabczyńska is also supported by the town of Warsaw.

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