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Since 2004, the Poznań-based Art Stations Foundations has been developing the first multi-level presentation program as part of its performing arts repertoire (known as the Old Brewery New Dance). The program remains the only initiative of its kind on such a scale in Poland, promoting and advancing contemporary choreography. It has helped Polish dance break through on the international scene and stimulate the reflection and discourse on the exciting and continuously expanding art of choreography. Such will be the case with the BEYOND DANCE project, hosted by the performing arts center Skorohod.


The mission of the BEYOND DANCE project is to present and promote the intensely developing Polish choreography in Saint Petersburg. On 15-21 October 2016, the Old Brewery New Dance will introduce the Russian audience to some of the most intriguing Polish productions in the recent years. The presentations will be accompanied by discussions with artists, master classes and a choreographic laboratory for the local dance artists. The program includes the emblematic and internationally acclaimed POLSKA by Agata Maszkiewicz, Marysia Zimpel?s choreography based on intensive motion research, and pieces by artists awarded by the ministry of Culture and National Heritage, whose work was deemed as the best Polish dance productions of the 2013/14 season (Janusz Orlik?s Insight and Joanna Leśnierowska?s ? (rooms by the sea). Orlik and Leśnierowska will also hold two-stage choreographic laboratory, whose original concept results from many years of successful collaboration based on an intense dialogue between the dramaturgue and the choreographer. In keeping with the title-motto of the project, BEYOND DANCE, the laboratory will encourage a shared choreographic and aesthetic research in the field of dance far removed from the ballet tradition and modern dance, inviting the local artists to partake in shared practice, including the final performance of the project (?(rooms by the sea).


he intensive presentation of Polish choreography will be accompanied by master classes for the Saint Petersburg dance milieu, led by Polish artists, and meetings with the audience following each show, whose goal will be to exchange and expand knowledge on choreography and its condition in Russia and Poland, and a shared reflection on the possibilities to support this art form. The organizers hope that BEYOND DANCE will thus facilitate the expression of the desire (and its practical implementations) to transcend the worn perceptive clichés associated with contemporary dance, and to oppose the narrowing-down of the ever-expanding definition of choreography.




15 October, 8 pm


Agata Maszkiewicz: Polska 

Marysia Zimpel: noish~


16 October


11 am

Marysia Zimpel / master class (Bye Bye Ballet studios)


1 pm

Agata Maszkiewicz / master class (Bye Bye Ballet studios)



8 pm

Janusz Orlik: Insight


17-21 October, 11 am ? 6 pm 

Choreographic laboratory


19 October, 8 pm

Joanna Leśnierowska:  ?(Rooms by the Sea) from the Series Exercises in Looking



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